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Smiles, Stiff and Surfer !

Sunday 30 September 2012 @ 3:02 pm


Our selection of photos today includes a grinning group, a hotel hunk
and a sexy surfer !



In number one position today, we have a happy bunch of assorted Asian amateur straight guys displaying their shirtlessness !

group of Asian amateur straight guys in their undies



Nextly today, we have an engagingly smiling naked amateur guy
sitting on his hotel bed.

hairy naked amateur guy sitting on his bed



Even more nexter, we find an amateur straight guy spreading his ample thighs and showing off his significant stiffness !

amateur straight guy spreading his legs to show off his stiff dick



Our concluding cock today is affixed to 23 year old surfer Kody who’s strutting his stuff for Island Studs.

Lovable Kody loves Hawaii, loves surfing, loves his job at a Waikiki surf shop and also loves the way that women love his abs !

(You’ll note that in one of the pics below, Kody is wearing a pair of gloves. I feel the need to reassure you that this is not kinky Kody’s idea of fetish wear, it’s just that he was put to work in the garden as part of his photoshoot !)

amateur straight guy Kody with his beloved board

rear view of naked straight guy Kody

amateur straight guy Kody doing some naked gardening

naked straight guy Kody showing off his outdoor boner

amateur straight guy Kody getting ready to relieve his tension

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Bonered, Beach and Beefy !

Saturday 29 September 2012 @ 3:02 pm


Today’s photos include scenic speedos, a sexy smile and a hunky hard-on !



Our first bulgeful amateur straight guy today has been snapped from the side
sitting poolside in his speedos !

amateur straight guy bulging his speedos at the pool



Today’s next amateur straight guy photo has a decidedly ‘classic porn’ feel to it (and I’m sure that some of us wouldn’t mind having a classic feel of its subject)!

amateur straight guy showing his smile and his stiffy



Coccozella contributor ‘Nude Photographer’ braved the elements to candidly catch our next and naked straight guy and his lady at Gunnison Beach on a really rainy day !

naked straight guy and his girlfriend getting ready to leave the nude beach



Our amateur straight guy of the day today is 24 year old NolanĀ  who’s a strippin’ and a strokin’ for Active Duty (and apparently during his performance big’n’beefy Texas guy Nolan added some spice to his self-stimulation by getting a little rough with himself !)

amateur straight guy Nolan takes his turgid tool out of the confines of his jeans

amateur straight guy Nolan teases us with a bit of bum crack

amateur straight guy Nolan gives us a good look at his throbbing erection

naked straight guy Nolan poses cheekily for the camera

naked straight guy Nolan gets ready to rub one out

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Beret, Bare and Blue !

Friday 28 September 2012 @ 3:10 pm


Our featured photos today include a woodland willy, a rocky Russian
and a horny hottie !



Today’s first amateur straight guy foto focusses on a suspended soldier
with a crotchful of bulge !

rude rope making a sexy soldier bulge



We go back to nature for our next pic with a naked amateur guy who is well on his way to getting a wicked woody in the woods !

naked amateur guy in the woods



Next today, we have a precariously positioned naked straight guy posing purposefully for his part in Gaydorado’s series of Russian nude photos !

naked straight guy stranded on a rock



Today’s man of the moment is Latin hottie and amateur straight guy Victor Wolf,
a 26 year old self-confessed exhibitionistic fun-loving playboy, seen here stroking and teasing for the camera !

amateur straight guy Victor in his bulging blue briefs

amateur straight guy VIctor revealingly removing his undies

naked straight guy Victor touching his private places

naked straight guy Victor handling his hard-on

amateur straight guy Victor baring his boner


Thanks to Circle Jerk Boys for Vic’s pics !



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