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Tools, Togetherness and Trunks !

Monday 31 December 2012 @ 3:05 pm


Our photo selection today includes a serious stiffy, a thick dick and a tattooed teaser !



Our first amateur guy today is showing off his upright member with its naturally
furry surroundings !

amateur guy showing off his vertical dick



Nextly today, we have an amateur straight guy who has also chosen to retain his masculine bushiness, as can be seen in this pits’n’bits shot
(and what nice bits they are) !!

amateur straight guy with a thick dick



By way of contrast, our next scenic shot shows a naked straight guy and his lady who both prefer smooth skin to surround their rubbable rude bits !

naked straight guy and his lady pose for a holiday snap



It’s tease time once again from English Lads and today we feature (almost all of) amateur straight guy Callum, a 24 year old personal trainer who enjoys bulging his undies and counts masturbation as one of his favourite hobbies !

amateur straight guy Callum bulging his undies

amateur straight guy Callum gives us a quick look at his bare bum

amateur straight guy Callum caught with his hand down his underpants

amateur straight guy Callum giving us a glimpse of his dick

naked straight guy Callum in a sexy teasing pose

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Strip, Surprise and Stiff !

Sunday 30 December 2012 @ 3:06 pm


Today’s photos include a locker-room look, a dude in the desert
and a hard-on at the hostel !



Amateur straight guy number one today has been photographically caught lowering his undies in the locker room !

amateur straight guy stripping off in the locker room



Nextly today, we move to the great outdoors for a quick desert dick pic !

amateur straight guy posing nude outdoors



Meanwhile, back at the mixed hostel, naked straight guy Leonard gets ambushed by his unexpected female room-mates who get him all hot and bothered !

naked straight guy gets caught by his female room-mates

naked straight guy Leonard gets horny when he is fondled by his remale room-mate

Thanks to Adventures in CFNM for this CFNM adventure !



David J is our concluding amateur straight guy today and he appears very relaxed about stripping and stroking in front of the Straight Fraternity photographer.

Lube-loving David is actually a fun’n’friendly guy with a not-insignificant exhibitionistic streak – as you’ll see in the following fotos:

amateur straight guy David is all stripped and ready to start stroking

amateur straight guys David's dick springs to life

naked straight guy David starts to stroke his well-lubricated dick

naked straight guy David loves showing off his stiff dick

amateur straight guy David is very close to cumming

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Boat, Beach and Brendon !

Saturday 29 December 2012 @ 3:01 pm


Our featured photos today include Turkish togs, a big boatie and a helping hand !



Nicely filling our first position today is an amateur straight guy who is nicely filling his speedo substitute at the pool !

amateur straight guy wearing his wet and clinging undies at the swimming pool



It must be “amateur straight guys naked in boats” season, ‘cos here’s yet another one (and what a nice one he has is) !

big-dicked amateur straight guy in his boat



Our next colourful couple has been caught by (yes, you guessed it!) Coccozella contributor ‘Nude Photographer’.

tattooed naked straight guy with his tattooed lady at the beach



Today’s finishing fotos feature cute amateur straight guy Troy jerking off to porn (and having his turgid tool lovingly lubricated by the ever-helpful Brendon from

amateur straight guy Troy getting ready to strip and stroke

amateur straight guy Troy handling his hard-on

bold Brendon helps to lubricate Troy's turgid tool

naked straight guy Troy returns to solo stroking

amateur straight guy Troy jerking off while he watches porn

Click here to follow Brendon’s addiction to straight men at Like-em-Straight


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