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Muscled, Miscreant and Manly !

Tuesday 30 April 2013 @ 3:11 pm


Today’s photos include a dorm-room dick, a phine physique and a tasty try-out !



Our number one spot today is being admirably filled by an amateur guy with a
healthily hardening handful !

amateur guy holding his stiffening dick



Nextly today, we have a well-defined hunk of hairiness !

hairy guy showing off his impressive physique



We’re returning now to one of our my favourite haunts – the school parent/teacher evening where today we find bad boy Barry whose father has decided that the best way to stamp out his son’s arrogant attitude it to let his female teachers strip him and subject him to some good old fashioned sexual humiliation !

school student Barry gets humiliated by his female teachers

naked straight guy Barry begins to get a boner from all the female attention

Barry and his burgeoning boner are courtesy of Adventures in CFNM.



Lastly today, from The Casting Room, we meet big, butch amateur straight guy Sam, a mean looking cage fighter who loves intensely rough sex, the thrill of which is always enhanced by the presence of an audience – hence this audition for a role in porn !

amateur straight guy Sam auditioning for a role in porn - Pic 1

amateur straight guy Sam auditioning for a role in porn - Pic 2

amateur straight guy Sam auditioning for a role in porn - Pic 3

amateur straight guy Sam auditioning for a role in porn - Pic 4

amateur straight guy Sam auditioning for a role in porn - Pic 5


Click here to see nervous newbies cumming on cue at The Casting Room


Shapely, Showering and Shy !

Monday 29 April 2013 @ 3:13 pm


Our featured photos today include soaked speedos, a smile on the sand
and a studly striptease !



We’re starting today with an amateur straight guy wearing an enticingly wet and clinging pair of speedos !

hot amateur straight guy cooling off in his sexy speedos



While we’re on the subject of moistness, here’s a hairy naked guy
showing in the shower !

furry guy having a shower



Nextly today, we find an amateur straight guy sunning himself on the sand.

amateur straight guy warming up in the sun



Our amateur straight guy of the day is a nameless number who was captured in the following pics prior to reaching his full potential during his strip’n’stroke session for Straight Boys Jerk Off !

nameless but not faceless amateur straight guy at the start of his photoshoot

amateur straight guy poses in his undies

amateur straight guy strips off and shows his stuff

naked straight guy engages in some rearal stimulation

amateur straight guy has a fiddle with his diddle


Click here for more amateurs stripping and stroking at Straight Boys Jerk Off


Shower, Shaking and Shaft !

Sunday 28 April 2013 @ 3:14 pm


Today’s photos include boat balls, a daring dance and a manhandled Marine !



Our first amateur straight guy photo features a boatload of boys baring their balls !

amateur straight guys having a ball aboard their boat



Here’s a naked amateur guy showing his hungfulness in the shower.

naked amateur guy drip-drying in the shower



Nextly today, we find a pair of performers parading their private parts to the public during a sultry sand dance at a nude beach.

naked straight guy dancing with his partner on the sand



Our main attraction today is amateur straight guy Reed – a 22 year old Marine who was very eager to take advantage of the opportunity provided by SpunkWorthy to show off his ample attributes to the world !

After the strip’n’stroke session got under way, our intrepid director dared to introduce his measuring tape to Reed, whose rigid rod measured up at an impressive 8 x 6 (inches).

Reed was a little surprised to find that the director’s digits didn’t want to remove themselves from the 8×6 which they were now stroking.  After some concurrent financial negotiations, he agreed to allow said stroking to continue and shortly thereafter,
super spurter Reed released his load !

amateur straight guy Reed sporting a stiffy

amateur straight guy Reed on all fours on the bed

naked straight guy Reed stroking his big dick

naked straight guy Reed gets his stiffy stroked

amateur straight guy Reed shoots several strong spurts of semen

Check more of manly marine Reed in these additional free fotos !



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