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Doodle, Dripping and Debut !

Sunday 30 June 2013 @ 3:14 pm


Today’s photos include a stretchy skin, a wet willy and a nude novice !



Our starting snapshot today features a bunch of happy amateur straight guys
stretching the limits of their friendship !

amateur straight guys at play



Here’s a happily hirsute naked guy showering outdoors and watching the water
dripping from his dick.

hairy naked amateur guys showering outdoors



Lastfully today, we see amateur straight guy Jason taking advantage of his porn-actress girlfriend’s trip away, to accept an invitation from Straight Fraternity to perform in front of the camera himself in his first-ever strip’n’stroke session.

amateur straight guy Jason looks forward to getting his gear off

amateur straight guy Jason gets a boner as soon as his clothes are off

naked straight guy Jason starts to stroke his stiffy

naked straight guy Jason jerking for the camera

amateur straight guy Jason can't contain his cum


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Winners, Willies and Wild Women !

Saturday 29 June 2013 @ 3:05 pm


Our featured fotos today include pleased players, a bloke at the beach
and a winning wanker !



Our first spot today is being filled by a foursome of footballers following their
traditional post-match celebratory display of undies !

amateur straight guys post-match undies display



Nextly, we have a slim amateur straight guy swinging in the sand.

amateur straight guy naked at the beach



In today’s sexy story from Pure CFNM, we find ourselves at a girls’ slumber party at which one of the members’ brother’s member becomes the main topic of conversation.

Conversation turns to exploration, however, when the brother in question unexpectedly returns home and willingly shows the girls what has hitherto been hiding in his pants !

naked straight guy Johnny happily displays his dick to the assembled ladies

the girls decide to see how well Johnny's willy works

You can check out more of the member in question, in these additional free photos.



Today’s offering from Next Door Male is amateur straight guy Sonny Nash – an aspiring professional soccer player and current masturbation stamina world record holder (?)

Despite his hairlessness, Sonny is quite a good lookin’ dude, although I’m not sure if I like the ‘glamorized’ look given to some of his photos.

amateur straight guy Sonny points the way

amateur straight guy Sonny pulls down his undies to reveal his springy dick

erect and naked straight guy Sonny reclining

amateur straight guy Sonny baring his bum

naked straight guy Sunny's stiffy


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Inverted, Indomitable and Interference !

Friday 28 June 2013 @ 3:15 pm


Today’s photos include a shapely show-off, a sandy stud and a helping handful !



Amateur straight guy number one today is unsuspectingly showing off more than just his athletic prowess !

amateur straight guy's acrobatic exposure



Nextly today, we have a naked straight guy looking as pleased as punch
at the results of his official weigh-in.

naked straight guy's weigh-in willy



It’s beach time now with an amateur straight guy looking puzzled by the
presence of a probing picture-taker.

amateur straight guy notices a camera pointed in his direction



Today’s finishing fotos from Like-em-Straight chronicle the adventures of amateur straight guy Carter as his porn-viewing pleasure gets enhanced by
Brendon’s skilful stroking !

amateur straight guy Carter slowly starts to undress

amateur straight guy Carter stripped to his undies and touching himself

amateur straight guy Carter uses the old overhand underhand turn and twist technique

Brendon makes his appearance and goes straight for the goodies

Brendon takes Carter to the point of no return


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