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Scenic, Sexy and Stiff !

Wednesday 31 July 2013 @ 3:06 pm


Our featured photos today include a spunk in the sun, a dangling doodle
and a blond’s boner !



We’re off to a sexy swimsuit start today with a torrid torso and a beguiling bulge !

amateur guy bulging his swimsuit



Here’s an amateur straight guy looking very coy as he gets photographed naked
in his bathroom.

amateur straight guy naked in his bathroom



Nextly today, we have a tempting treat from a bygone era !

classic retro physique photo



Finishingly today, we have an amateur straight guy who is sure to please those with a taste for twinks.

This is 18 year old Scooter, who was born and raised on the island of Oahu and had only recently finished high school when he agreed to share his love of the outdoors with Island Studs.

amateur straight guy Scooter in (some of) his spear fishing gear

amateur straight guy Scooter and his perpetual boner

naked straight guy Scooter bending over to be photographed from the rear

naked straight guy Scooter showing off his stiff dick

amateur straight guy Scooter spills his seed


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Armpits, Armpits and Armpits !

Tuesday 30 July 2013 @ 3:12 pm


Today’s photos include assorted axillae, penile pride and a stretched-out smoker !



Our inadvertent underarm parade today is off to a stiffening start with an
amateur straight guy rinsing off in the communal showers.


amateur straight guy gets a boner in the shower



Nextly today, we have a naked amateur guy relaxfully airing his pits’n’bits by the pool.

naked amateur guy relaxing by the pool



Guess who likes being the centre of attention in this pic:

big dick on display



Our amateur straight guy of the day is 19 year old Gamble who (like Jay from a couple of days ago) is from Louisiana.

You’ll note that Gamble has thoughtfully kept intact his fuzzy bits of ….. fuzziness !

Cute Gamble cums courtesy of Active Duty .

amateur straight guy Gamble puts on his 'sexy face'

amateur straight guy Gamble with his cock in his hand

naked straight guy Gamble shows off his fuzzy bum

naked straight guy Gamble holding his swelling dick

amateur straight guy gamble shows off his hard-on


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Relaxing, Rude and Rubbed !

Monday 29 July 2013 @ 3:04 pm


Our photo selection today includes backyard bubbles,  a serious stiffy
and a manly massage !



Amateur straight guy number one today is looking forward to having his
testicles tickled when his sinks himself into the swirling water.

amateur straight guy pleased to be posing nude



Here’s a nice bedroom boner which I ‘borrowed’ from our friend Justin’s excellent blog, Edge of Reality.

hot guy with  a hard cock



Our true-to-life tale today from Pure CFNM focusses on a group of female tai-chi students who persuade their instructor plus their one and only male classmate to perform their exercises fully naked. As you can see, it’s not long before the girls turn excercise into sexercise !

naked straight guy gets inspected by the girls at a tai-chi class

naked straight guy gets groped by his fellow tai-chi students

For more of the fun, check out these additional free pics.



Today’s remaining amateur straight guy is Jax, whose first ever erotic encounter with another guy takes place (with the approval of his wife) on the massage table at
Club Amateur USA  where he discovers a whole new suite of sexual sensations !

amateur straight guy Jax nervously awaits the start of his massage session

amateur straight Jax naked on the massage table - Pic 1

amateur straight Jax naked on the massage table - Pic 2

amateur straight Jax naked on the massage table - Pic 3

amateur straight Jax naked on the massage table - Pic 4


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