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Cow, Cocks and Cum !

Monday 30 September 2013 @ 3:09 pm


Our photo selection today includes delight in the dairy, fur on the floor
and cum on the carpet !



Amateur straight guy number one today has been caught in the milking shed doing some special milking of his own  !

amateur straight guy taking a break from milking the cows



Here’s a nicely naked amateur guy looking lengthy very serious as he poses in his doorway.

bigly dicked naked amateur guy answers the door



Our furry fellow du jour has chosen a horizontal position for this pit’n’bits pic.

amateur straight guy lying naked on  the floor



Today’s main man is hot amateur straight guy Paolo who has found his way to
The Casting Room where he’s trying out for a porn role (which, he says, is much more for the fame than for the fortune) !

amateur straight guy Paolo faces the casting director at his audition

amateur straight guy Paolo starts his audition with a full frontal shot

naked straight guy Paolo bends over for the director

naked straight guy Paolo demonstrates his stroking skills

amateur straight guy Paolo lets go with an impressive spurt of semen

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Miscalculation, Mirror and Massage !

Sunday 29 September 2013 @ 3:13 pm


Today’s photos include a smooth self-snapper, a chilly willy and a tugged tool !



Our first amateur straight guy today has just slightly mis-judged his attempt to
preserve modesty whilst changing out of his wetsuit.

amateur straight guy's accidental dick pic



Today’s next and naked straight guy’s mirror self-pic is displaying both his dick and his disdain for body hair !

naked straight guy and his hairless dick make an appearance in the bathroom mirror



Nextly today, we have a naked amateur guy whose comical reaction to the cold, cold ocean has been well documented throughout the blogosphere in recent days.

naked amateur guy in the chilly sea



Our main man today is amateur straight guy Ty, a 20 year old Marine who was just a little uneasy about having his first ever ‘happy ending massage’ (courtesy of SpunkWorthy) and even more uneasy about having the event captured on camera.

Judging by the following pics, however, it would appear that Ty’s enjoyment of the pleasurable sensations to which he was being treated, very quickly dispelled those feelings of un-ease !

amateur straight guy Ty prepares himself mentally for his forthcoming massage

amateur straight guy Ty's dick quickly gets hard during his massage

naked straight guy Ty gets some attention paid to his anal area

naked straight guy Ty is well on his way to a very happy ending

amateur straight guy Ty splatters himself with happy ending juice

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Wet, Warm and Willies !

Saturday 28 September 2013 @ 3:07 pm


Our featured photos today include speedos on the sand, a stiffy in the sun
and a penile performance !



We start proceedings today with an amateur straight guy at the beach leaving nothing to the imagination in his snug speedos.

sexy guy bulging his speedos at the beach



Our next amateur straight guy is shielding his eyes from the sun which, in turn, gives us an excellent opportunity to perve upon his pleasing penis !

amateur straight guy sunning himself and his stiff dick



The next item on the agenda today is a naked amateur guy who has no hesitation in posing for a pic in the shower.

naked guy showing off in the shower



Today’s amateur straight guy of the day is 20 year old Archer, a very athletic guy who works out several times a week and is happy to show off his body, with his ‘performance’ for Active Duty being particularly notable for the way he played to the camera.

amateur straight guy Archer displaying his torso

amateur straight guy Archer engaging with the camera

naked straight guy Archer and his curvy cock

rear view of naked straight guy Archer

amateur straight guy Archer handles his hard-on

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