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Boner, Builder and Beach !

Thursday 31 October 2013 @ 3:04 pm


Our featured photos today include a hard-on at home, a flash foto
and a couple of cummers !



Amateur straight guy photo number one today appears to have been taken
(2013 – 2005 = ummm ….?? ..err..) a number of years ago and has
certainly stood the test of time (and turgidity)!

amateur straight guy standing naked and erect at home



There’s nothing like a workman’s willy, I always say !

amateur straight guy flashes his dick at work



Our next amateur straight guy is showing off his Eastern European towel and his Eastern European tool.

hot naked straight guy at the beach



In pride of place today, we have amateur straight guys Mike (on our left)
and Eddy (on Mike’s left and our right) from Straight Fraternity .

This is the first time that either of the boys has ever jerked off together with another guy.   You’ll note that Mike is the more curious of the two as we see him casting the occasional glance in Eddy’s erection direction and it’s actually the sight of Eddy blowing his load that triggers off Mike’s own explosive ejaculation !

amateur straight guys Mike and Eddy get ready to strip and stroke

amateur straight guys Mike and Eddy start to fondle themselves through their undies

embarrassed naked straight guys Eddy and Mike start to stroke

naked straight guys Eddy and Mike show off their stiff dicks to the camera

amateur straight guy Mike watches Eddy cumming

it's mission accomplished for amateur straight guys Eddy and Mike

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Speedos, Sailing and Stroked !

Wednesday 30 October 2013 @ 3:09 pm


Today’s photos include a beach beauty, a boatie’s biggy and a touched todger !



Our first’n’fit amateur straight guy today is wearing a most attractive pair of
speedo substitutes !

sexy amateur straight guy wearing a bulging pair of speedo-like 'spanks'



Nextly today, we find a married mariner offering us
an impressive ‘between the legs’ view.

naked straight guy on his boat



Here’s a happy hitchhiker hoping to halt the next approaching car.

hitchhiker drops his dacks to attract attention



Our amateur straight guy of the day today is Wyatt, who has succumbed to the seductive skills of Brendon from

As always, Brendon is pleased to be able to lend a hand to his guest (and in this case, later lends his mouth and, even later, lends his supply of paper towels) !

amateur straight guy Wyatt warms up with some porn

amateur straight guy Wyatt stripped to his undies and starting to self-stroke

naked straight guy Wyatt pauses to pose with an erection

naked straight Wyatt jerking off to porn

Brendon offers amateur straight guy Wyatt a helping hand

Click here to follow Brendon’s addiction to straight men at Like-em-Straight


Kilts, Kocks and Kumming !

Tuesday 29 October 2013 @ 3:10 pm


Our selection of photos today includes a sneaky self-check, a dick at the door
and a bodybuilding bricklayer!



Sporty amateur straight guy number one today is having a quiet drink with his mates at the club when we catch him taking a quick break to check that all is well in his
under-the-kilt department!

amateur straight guy showing what a Scotsman wears under his kilt



Here’s a healthy amateur guy posing prettily (although smilelessly) for this quick pic.

naked guy showing his cock



Our next naked guy has been photographed holding down his dick as he watches something of sexual interest (probably porn) off to his right.

naked guy on his bed fingering his dick



Today’s main attraction is amateur straight guy Steponas who, when he’s not auditioning for porn, is either body-building or building-building.

In the photos below from The Casting Room, we see Steponas learning the lesson that working in porn isn’t just a matter of posing and showing off his built body but, in fact, consists more of being paid to assume whatever degrading or embarrassing position he’s ordered to by his director !

amateur straight guy Steponas at the start of his audition

amateur straight guy Steponas assumes a body-building pose to impress the casting director

naked straight guy Steponas is instructed to show off his hole to the camera

naked straight guy Steponas assumes another humiliating position for the casting director

amateur straight guy Steponas shows off his ejaculatory prowess

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