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Spreading, Sprayed and Stiff !

Saturday 30 November 2013 @ 3:10 pm


Our selection of photos today includes a washed willy, a touched todger
and a Brendonized boner !



Our first amateur straight guy today seems to be struggling to keep his cock
under control !

amateur straight guy touching his todger



Today’s next naked amateur guy has thoughtfully left his shower curtain open so that he can share his hygiene hints with us.

naked amateur guy holding his hand held shower



Moving now from the bathroom to the bedroom,  we discover an amateur straight guy who’s certainly not shy about revealing his ‘private’ parts !

amateur straight guy showing off his dick



Our main attraction today is amateur straight guy Baxter whose jerk-off session for
is (as always)interrupted by big bad Brendon’s offer of a helping hand.

You’ll note that Baxter keeps his eyes fixed firmly on the playing porn movie while Brendon goes in for the grab !

amateur straight guy Baxter bulging his undies

amateur straight guy Baxter with his cock in his hand

naked straight guy Baxter gets a testicle tickle from Brendon

Brendon uses his special ball'n'boner technique on amateur straight guy Baxter

Click here to follow Brendon’s addiction to straight men at Like-em-Straight


Al Fresco, Al Biggo, Al Stroko !

Friday 29 November 2013 @ 3:06 pm


Today’s photos include a cafe cock, a flaccid faceful and a serious stiffy !



We start today with a naked amateur guy contributing to the ambience
of a quiet outdoor cafe !

naked guy at an outdoor cafe



Today’s next pic features a handsome hunk with bald balls.

amateur guys showing off his smooth cock and balls



Yes, it’s Adventures in CFNM time again and in today’s very credible tale, a school headmistress believes she’s interviewing a potential new teacher but soon discovers to her horror that he’s actually an erotic dancer who proceeds to provide her with a very hot show !

naked straight guy entertaining the headmistress

naked straight guy demonstrates all the latest dance moves to the headmistress

Thanks to for the dick pics !



Our amateur straight guy of the day is charming Channing Taylor, whose strip’n’stroke photoshoot takes place in a cell thoughtfully provided for him by
Next Door Male.

amateur straight guy Channing wrestles with his rigid rod through his shorts

amateur straight guy Channing with a fistful of dick

naked straight guy Channing admires his big dick

naked straight guy Channing spreads his legs and shows off his impressive private parts

amateur straight guy Channing settles down to some serious stroking

You can check out more of Channing’s incarceration in
these additional free pics !



Rigid, Red and Ready !

Thursday 28 November 2013 @ 3:08 pm


Our featured photos today include sexy speedos, careful cleaning and a big boner !



The first item up for grabs today is a VPL belonging to speedo-clad triathlete number 123 !

triathlete wearing very revealing speedos



Today’s next amateur straight guy is seen here giving himself a skilful scrubbing.

amateur straight guy soaping himself in the shower



I don’t know what our next naked straight guy is actually doing, but I’m sure that his apparent enjoyment will be equally matched by ours !

naked straight guy starting to stiffen



Our dick of the day belongs to 19 year old Aussie amateur straight guy Olly Daniels, who enjoys his significantly sized stiffy and had no hesitation in allowing it to be photographed by his friend Bentley Race .

amateur straight guy Olly's undies can't contain his big boner

amateur straight guy Olly releases his happy hard-on from the confines of his clothing

naked straight guy Olly baring his  buttocks for the camera

amateur straight guy Olly smiles as he stiffens

amateur straight guy Olly admires his stiff dick (as indeed do we) !

Check out more of Bentley and his hot Aussie mates


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