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Backside, Bare and Broke !

Tuesday 31 December 2013 @ 3:12 pm


Today’s photos include a beach bum, a nice nude and a co-operative cummer !



Our first photographic offering today is a rearal view of an amateur straight guy
casting his gaze upon the sea.

amateur straight guy naked at the beach



Today’s next naked straight guy is looking good as we see him
…..umm ….. doing something.

naked straight guy keeping cool



A towel is always a good prop to use when photographing a nude guy, I always say !

sexy naked guy posing with his towel



Our main man today is amateur straight guy Scott, who normally spends his time either partying or working out at the gym and who is therefore contantly broke.  Scott is also constantly horny, so to kill two birds with one stone (so to speak) we find him today auditioning for a role in porn at
The Casting Room.

amateur straight guy Scott looking just a little apprehensive at the start of his audition

amateur straight guy getting measured up by the casting director

naked straight guy Scott baring all his private parts

naked straight guy prepares his penis for the climax of his audition

amateur straight guy Scott successfully passes his ejaculation test

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Balls, Bottle and Boner !

Monday 30 December 2013 @ 3:11 pm


Our photo selection today includes a handsome hanger, a sexy sleeper
and a hard handful !



Today’s number one position is being occupied by a hung guy’s sexy selfie !




Nakedly next today, we have an amateur straight guy with his
Kamenitza prominently positioned between his legs.

naked straight guy's fun foto

(and, if anyone’s wondering, Mr Google tells me that Kamenitza is a brand of Bulgarian beer)



Here’s a nice nude napper:

sexy guys snapped sleeping



Our amateur straight guy of the day is Alex Canon, whose assorted girlfriends have told him that, with his good looks, he should try modelling.

Alex liked that idea but thought that his interests might be better served by becoming a performer in adult films and what better way to get started than by making his way to the comfy casting couch being reserved just for him by
Dirty Tony !

amateur straight guy Alex with his protruding penis

amateur straight guy Alex with his pants down and his dick dangling

amateur straight guy Alex holding his hard-on

naked straight guy Alex showing his shaft

naked straight guy Alex spills his seed

Click here for more straight guys being corrupted by Dirty Tony


Tight, Turgid and Tug !

Sunday 29 December 2013 @ 3:14 pm


Today’s photos include a hypnotic hard-on, a look in the locker-room
and a boner on the bed !



The starting point for today’s parade of pervable pleasures is a horny amateur guy at a South American beach, pausing for a pic of his bulging beachwear.

amateur with a boner in his shorts poses for a pic



Here’s a naked amateur guy spreading on the bed as he admires the view !

naked amateur guy admires his big boner



Time now for a quick  peek in the locker room where we are lucky enough to catch an amateur straight guy devoid of his dacks.

nice guy caught candidly in the locker room



Our primary performer today is Lucas, an 18 year old amateur straight guy with a penchant for playing water polo and hockey, who is demonstrating his recently discovered talent for stripping and stroking as revealed to the cameras of
SpunkWorthy !

amateur straight guy Lucas can't wait to strip

amateur straight guy Lucas wastes no time in wrapping his hand around his rigid rod

naked straight guy Lucas revealed from the rear

naked straight guy Lucas likes to stroke his stiff dick

amateur straight guy Lucas reaches the point of no return

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