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Beach, Beard and Boner !

Friday 31 January 2014 @ 3:11 pm


Today’s photos include a sunny sleeper, a bushy beard and a lustworthy Latino !



Amateur straight guy number one today is a bulging blond, sleepily straining his speedos in the sun.

amateur straight guy enjoying the sun, sand and his speedos



Our next and near-naked straight guy is photographically
preserving his pubes for posterity !

amateur straight guy showing off his beard and matching pubes



Here’s an amateur straight guy trying to keep his balance at the water’s edge by seeking to shift his centre of gravity towards his growing member.

naked straight guy trying to stabilize himself



Today, we meet another amateur straight guy ‘discovered’ by Aussie bloke
Bentley Race
and his mate Zac when they were visiting New York.

This is Tony Barretta in his first ever strip’n’stroke photoshoot – and, speaking of shooting, Tony brought along his own supply of porn to give him the necessary inspiration to perform his allotted task !

amateur straight guy Tony ready to rip off his jockstrap

amateur straight guy Tony with his pants down and his dick up

straight guy Tony holding his hard-on

naked straight guy Tony starts to watch his self-supplied smut

naked straight guy Tony comes close to cumming

Check out more of Bentley and his hot Aussie mates


Dick out, Passed out and Try-out !

Thursday 30 January 2014 @ 3:07 pm


Our featured photos today include a mirror man, a stiff sleeper and a tool trial !



I found today’s first happy hunk whilst doing my daily check of our friend Justin’s
very excellent blog !

amateur guy's sexy mirror self-pic



Here’s a cheerful chappy who seems exceedingly pleased with his penile progress !

naked amateur guy proudly showing off his stiff dick



Today’s next photo looks to be a genuine candid shot of a sleeping amateur straight guy and his stiff dick.

naughty photographer uncovers some new talent



Today’s main man is amateur straight guy Yosef, whom we see auditioning at
The Casting Room.

Although Yosef was a little freaked out by the thought of being filmed ‘in action’, he has always been prepared to try anything which brings with it the promise of more sex !

amateur straight guy Yosef tries out for porn role

amateur straight guy Yosef strips for the casting director

naked straight guy Yosef shows off his ..... flexibility

naked straight guy Yosef prepares to demonstrate his ejaculatory prowess

amateur straight guy Yosef shoots an impressive load

Click here to see nervous newbies cumming on cue at The Casting Room


Hard, Hung and Hunkful !

Wednesday 29 January 2014 @ 3:11 pm


Today’s photos include a cocky climber, a rigid rod and  picturesque posing !



Clambering his way up to our first vacant spot today is a naked straight guy
giving us a glimpse of his ample appendage !

naked straight guy climbing out of the water



Here’s an amateur straight guy’s hard hard-on which is very ….. hard.

amateur straight guy showing his very stiff dick



Nextly today, we have a  penis  pic which I couldn’t help but share with you, even though it may be of professional origin.

cute guy flashing his fleshy dick



Our amateur straight guy of the day is Gannicus from
The Guy Site.

Gannicus came to his photoshoot and video complete with his own support staff (his girlfriend) to provide moral (and physical, if necessary) support !

amateur straight guy Gannicus doing his own version of the towel dance

amateur straight guy Gannicus dangling for the camera

naked straight guy Gannicus assumes a classical pose

Naked straight guy Gannicus showing his pits'n'bits

amateur straight guy Gannicus showing in the shower



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