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Sunny, Stripping and Sexy !

Monday 31 March 2014 @ 3:14 pm


Our photo selection today includes a bright bulge, chaps changing and a college cock !



We’re starting today with a South American stud straining his sunga !

amateur straight guy bulging his bright yellow sunga



Our next amateur straight guy is dropping his dacks and displaying
his very precisely pared pubes.

amateur straight guy showing his manicured manhood



It’s Adventures in CFNM time now and today we find fellow athletes Shamus and Ryan getting changed and showered after a hard workout, unaware that their female friends are about to sneak up on them in the hope of catching them naked and vulnerable !

straight guys in the changing room

naked straight guys about to be caught naked

Thanks to for the nice nudity !



Our fabulous finish today is courtesy of TX College Boys who have furnished fotos for us of 18 year old amateur straight guy Brian.

When Brian showed up for this, his first ever photoshoot, he was very mild-mannered and reserved – that is until the camera started rolling, at which point all inhibitions (verbal and otherwise) ceased and he proved his propensity for seductive teasing !

amateur straight guy Brian naked on the bed

rear view of amateur straight guy Brian on all fours on the bed

naked straight guy Brian shows his boner

naked straight guy Brian holding his hard-on

amateur straight guy Brian gets ready to cum

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Furred, Fit and Footballer !

Sunday 30 March 2014 @ 3:08 pm


Today’s photos include a dude de-jeaning, a wettened willy and a spyhole stripper !



Please feel free to create your own captions for our first three photos:






Our friend ‘Pervy Cameraman’ from Sneaky Peek is back at his secret hole in the wall at a football changing room where he has caught a hot’n’handsome amateur straight guy shedding his clothes, unaware that he’s being filmed.

amateur straight guy footballer being spied on in the changing room





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SGP Extra

Whilst preparing posts for Best Guys on Cam, I came across (so to speak) straight guy Justin performing for a rapt audience and I instantly felt the urge to capture him
(well, his image actually) to share with you:


(If you’d like to check out more about Justin, click the image above !)



Speedos, Smoke and Spurt !

Saturday 29 March 2014 @ 3:05 pm


Our featured photos today include a fit fivesome, kitchen capers
and military might !



Today’s first foto finds five fit fellows in their speedos at the beach.

five amateur straight guys in their speedos



Let’s go inside now, where a cocky cook is lighting up in the kitchen
and artistically angling his ciggie to be parallel to his penis !

amateur straight guy lighting up in the kitchen



Here’s a fun-loving flasher giving us a quick look at his goodies,
much to the apparent shock of the guy behind him.

naked amateur guy reveals his rude bits



Our amateur straight guy of the day is Corporal Archer, a proud Marine who served in Afghanistan and the Middle East.

As with other literary offerings from All American Heroes, I can’t resist sharing their grammatically dodgy but otherwise delightful description of Archer’s climax:

With a few grunts, he thrusts his hips forward and cum shoots onto the fabric below. As each new stream of cum issues, he grunts louder and breathes heavier until the cushion is coated with soldier semen.

Corporal Archer goes in for the grab

amateur straight guy Archer starts to strip

amateur straight guy Archer starts jerkin' his gherkin

Corporal Archer holds his thick dick

Corporal Archer shows off his shooting skills

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