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Tickled, Tall and Tempting !

Wednesday 30 April 2014 @ 3:12 pm


Our selection of photos today includes tempting togs, a dangling dick
and a masturbating Marine !



Our first amateur straight guy today is bulging his speedo-substitutes as he stretches out for a sleep at the beach.
His slumber is about to be sabotaged, however, as he gets tickled by a friend’s dick …. err, that should be deck (as in deck of cards) !

sleeping amateur straight guy in speedos about to get woken by his friend



Here’s a hung naked amateur guy airing his arm pit in the bathroom.

naked amateur guy with a big floppy dick



Threely today, we have an amateur straight guy dangling his doodle
over the edge of the bed.

amateur straight guy wearing only his socks



Today’s amateur straight guy of the day is Baird, a 19 year old Marine who is quiet and shy but still turned on by the idea of showing off his tight muscular body for SpunkWorthy.

( … and as for being quiet, that situation was dramatically reversed as Baird let go of his 3 day load !)

amateur straight guy Baird showing his tantalizingly tattooed torso

amateur straight guy Baird fully nude

naked straight guy Baird poses provocatively on the bed

naked straight guy Baird with a boner

amateur straight guy Baird blows his load

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Hard, Hunk and Held !

Tuesday 29 April 2014 @ 3:07 pm


Today’s photos include a solid stiffy, a photogenic physique
and a Hawaiian hard-on !



Our number one position today is being occupied by a cute amateur straight guy
with a very impressive bathroom boner.

amateur straight guy naked and erect



Nextly today, we have a professional pic (of unknown origin) of a hot hunk
sharing his shapeliness with the camera.

naked guy and his fine physique



Here’s a somewhat faded and grainy image (most likely from a webcam)
of an amateur straight guy gripping his girthful growth !

amateur straight guy shows off his grainy goodness



Today’s main man is amateur straight guy Cal, an 18 year old surfer who works in his family’s air conditioner repair business.

With his good looks and willingness to please, Island Studs found lots of great photo opportunities for Cal – both indoors and outdoors !

amateur straight guy Cal gets ready to strip, surf and stroke

amateur straight guy Cal shows off his untanned body parts

naked straight guy Cal shows off his stiff dick

naked straight guy Cal mounts his floating ... thing

amateur straight guy Cal prepared to wank his wet willy

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Attentive, Ankle and Active !

Monday 28 April 2014 @ 3:06 pm


Our featured photos today include a naked note, a bouncing ball
and a soldier’s sticky semen !



Today’s first amateur straight guy is naked and doing something
(or having something done to him) which I cannot explain.

bushy boy in the buff



Our next naked amateur guy’s actions are much more readily explicable –
he’s demonstrating his novel ankle massaging technique.

naked amateur guy shows his massage tool



Here’s a fitness fan bouncing his ball as his dick flops and flails !

amateur straight guy's indoor excercise routine



Our climax today is being provided by amateur straight guy Ryan, a 24 year old soldier from California whom we see showing his stuff (so to speak) for
Active Duty.

smiling amateur straight guy Ryan is eager to start stroking

amateur straight guy Ryan starts playing with his already stiff dick

amateur straight guy Ryan in the throes of ecstasy

naked straight guy Ryan's rear

naked straight guy Ryan deposits a thick'n'rich'n'creamy load

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