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Snooze, Stance and Student !

Saturday 31 May 2014 @ 3:07 pm


Today’s photos include a black bulge, shower sharers and a studly smile !



We start today with a not-so-sneakily snuck snapshot of a sleeping sleeper
and his bulging bulge.

amateur straight guy bulging as he sleeps



Here’s a dripping duo seen just after sharing a shower.

amateur straight guys sharing a shower



Our next exceedingly cleanly shaven naked amateur guy is spreading his legs
and dangling his doodle.

naked spreading doodle dangler



Today’s amateur straight guy of the day is Brendan, who was 20 years old when he was photographed by Sean Cody back in 2007.

At that time, Brendan was a college student – although he was much more interested in hanging out with his friends and plunging his penis into his girlfriend than he was in studying!

amateur straight guy Brendan's sexy smile

amatuer straight guy Bredan gives his balls a gentle squeeze

naked straight guy Brendan choking the chicken

naked straight guy Brendan demonstrates his overhand grip technique

amateur straight guy Brendan preparing for blast off

Click to share more of Sean Cody’s passion for the beauty of the male form


SGP Extra

Here’s a nice pic of famed rugby union player Ben Cohen,
provided for our perving pleasure today by
Ruggerbugger !

Sandy, Squirting and Strip !

Friday 30 May 2014 @ 3:07 pm


Our featured photos today include a detectable dick, a delectable dick
and an erectable dick !



Here’s a nice dick pic to start off with today, but I keep vacillating
between ‘genuine’ and ‘digitally modified’ !

hot guy with a hot cock



Our next and non-vacillatory naked amateur guy is having
a quiet smoke on the sand.

naked amateur guy airing his private parts at the beach



Meanwhile, back at the hotel, guest Ashley continues to be humiliated after he was caught in a state of arousal during his period of enforced nudity !

naked straight guy receives a stern stroking

naked straight guy has an embarrassing ejaculation

This tall tale but true cums courtesy of Adventures in CFNM !



Our photographic finale focusses on (selected bits of) amateur straight guy
John Anderson who is 22 years old and keeps fit playing football and tennis as well as spending lots of time at the gym.

John likes showing off his cock (to a paying audience!) and enjoyed the opportunity to jerk off for English Lads.

amateur straight guy John flexes a bicep

amateur straight guy John adjusts himself for the camera

amateur straight guy John reveals his pubes

naked straight guy John reveals his bottom

naked straight guy John poses teasefully

Click here to get to all the guys’ goodies at English Lads


Flashing, Floored and Firm !

Thursday 29 May 2014 @ 3:05 pm


Today’s photos include a fellow on the floor, bare beach balls
and a watched wanker !



Our number one amateur-straight-guy dick today is hanging out of the pants
of our number one amateur straight guy !

amateur straight guy dangling his dick



Nextly today, we have a naked straight guy on the floor,
checking out his own generous genitals.

naked straight guy likes what he sees



In our number three spot, it’s back to the beach with a naked amateur guy letting us (and any other passers-by) check out his previously private parts.

naked amateur guy sunning himself all over



Today’s amateur straight guy of the day is Tommy, who is quite clearly (and quite literally) enjoying himself as he watches a porn movie, as supplied by Brendon from Like-em-Straight !

amateur straight guy Tommy gets ready to strip and stroke

amateur straight guy Tommy stripped and stiff

naked straight guy Tommy shows off his assets

naked straight guy Tommy tugs his turgid tool

amateur straight guy Tommy spills his seed

Click here to follow Brendon’s addiction to straight men at Like-em-Straight


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