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Hung, Hirsute and Helped !

Thursday 31 July 2014 @ 3:11 pm


Today’s photos include a rude redhead, a hairy hunk and a masturbating marine !



Our first foto gets us off to a bulgingly good start!

amateur straight guy taking his bulge for a walk



Today’s next built bod is a believer in minimal manscaping.

hot'n'hairy naked amateur guy



Here’s a somewhat under-dressed naked amateur guy
looking lost in the wilderness.

naked straight guy wandering through the woods



Our amateur straight guy of the day is Alec, a Marine whose best friend Nevin we’ve seen here a couple of times before.

Alec was not at all afraid to ‘perform’ for the SpunkWorthy camera (and was also not afraid to accept the offer of a helping hand as proceedings built up to their climax)!

amateur straight guy Alec warming up with some porn

amateur straight guy Alec showing his shaft

naked straight guy Alec stands to stroke

naked straight guy Alec handling his hard-on

amateur straight guy Alec gets a helping hand

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Hot, Happy and Hard !

Wednesday 30 July 2014 @ 3:07 pm


Our photo selection today includes a dick on display, a smile on the sofa
and a hard-on in Hawaii !



Amateur straight guy number one today comes courtesy of our friend JD’s
secret stash of snapshots !

amateur straight guy pops out his dick for a pic



Here’s a nicely posed pic of a carefully draped dick.

naked  guy posing on his bed



Today’s next naked amateur guy seems pleased to be seen.

sexy smiling naked amateur guy



After an absence of a few years, former Marine (and today’s amateur straight guy of the day) Alec pays a return visit to Island Studs where he enjoys some nude surfing and public peeing and (so I’m told) several other interesting outdoor pursuits.

amateur straight guy Alec pees in public

amateur straight guy Alec goes as stiff as a board

naked straight guy Alec on all-fours at the beach

naked straight guy Alec points the way

amateur straight guy Alec flexes hi bicep and bares his boner

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Sand, Socked and Stripping !

Tuesday 29 July 2014 @ 3:02 pm


Today’s photos include a smile on the sand, a bedroom boner
and a cummy tummy !



We’re off to a sandy start today with a naked straight guy posing at the beach.

naked straight guy posing for a pic at the beach



Here’s a naked amateur guy using his bedside lamp to shine some light on his impressive erection.

naked amateur guy showing his bedroom boner



Threely today, we find an amateur straight guy on his knees,
showing off his armpit and his curvy crack.

amateur straight guy assumes a buttockial pose



Today’s man of the moment is Texan amateur straight guy Augustus Cross who has been working hard on his body for the past 5 years and now wants to display all of himself to the world – and what better venue to do so than Dirty Tony‘s casting couch !

amateur straight guy Augustus prepares to reveal his hard-on

amateur straight guy Augustus pulls down his undies

naked straight guy Augustus lays back and bares his boner

naked straight guy Augustus gets a firm grip on his rigid rod

amateur straight guy Augustus shoots a  load

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