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Hug, Hanging and Hard !

Tuesday 30 September 2014 @ 3:12 pm


Today’s photos include cabin contents, a directional dick and a heroic hard-on !



Here’s an interesting wrestling manoeuvre which I thought may be of interest
to those of you who are lovers of sport!

wrestler wth all the right moves



Our next and naked amateur guy is butchly baring himself for this photo
in a deserted woodland cabin.

amateur straight guy's cabin cock



Here’s a happy amateur straight guy with a sparkling smile and a pointing penis.

amateur straight guy showing his stuff to the camera



Our amateur straight guy of the day is Firefighter Alex from All American Heroes, who takes pride in his hose-handling skills at work and takes pleasure in handling his hose when off duty as well !

amateur straight guy Alex is hard before he's even taken off his uniform

amateur straight guy Alex reveals his hot cock

firefighter Alex shows off his equipment

naked straight guy Alex bares his bum

amateur straight guy Alex tests that his equipment is in good working order

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Sleepy, Scenic and Stroking !

Monday 29 September 2014 @ 3:03 pm


Our photo selection today includes a cool collection, a manly member
and a sexy stroker !



Amateur straight guy number one today is sleeping stiffly on a sofa belonging to someone with a penchant for collecting cute characters !

amateur straight guy asleep on someone's couch



Here’s an ‘in your face’ foto of a spread-legged  amateur straight guy providing his generous genitals with some fame and fresh air.

amateur straight guy showing off his big dick



Our third spot is being populated by a naked amateur guy who has just
reached the peak of scenic sexiness.

naked amateur guy's scenic snapshot



Our historical hard-on today belongs to amateur straight guy Willis who, back in 2008, was just 18 and on his first trip away from home  when he was invited to disrobe and display for Sean Cody.

hot amateur straight guy Willis in his undies

amateur straight guy Willis gets a hard-on

rear view of naked straight guy Willis

naked straight guy Willis playing with his willy

amateur straight guy Willis prepares to cum

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Bulge, Bare and Blast !

Sunday 28 September 2014 @ 3:11 pm


Today’s photos include party pants, a clean couch and a sexy smile !



Let’s get the party off to a good start with an amateur straight guy showing off
in his favourite undies !

amateur straight guy performing for the camera



Our next house-proud naked amateur guy has taken precautions
to avoid marking the couch as he spreads his legs for the camera.

naked amateur guy relaxing at home



Here’s a cheerful chap who is as pleased as punch to be occupying
our number three spot.

amateur guy fully nude in his bedroom



Today’s main man is ex-marine and current psychology major Lennox who is showing his great smile (and equally great other bits) as he undresses and unloads for
Straight Fraternity .

amateur straight guy Lennox at the start of his photoshoot

amateur straight guy Lennox fully nude and ready to rub

naked straight guy Lennox spreading and stroking

naked straight guy Lennox finds his happy place

amateur straight guy Lennox scenically splatters himself

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