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Bright, Bathroom and Boner !

Friday 31 October 2014 @ 3:12 pm


Today’s photos include tight togs, a wet willy and purposeful posing !



Amateur straight guy number one today seems serious as he strides along wearing his wet and well-stuffed speedos (or, to be techically correct, his well-packed pumas).

red hot guy in hot red speedos



Nextly today, we find a naked amateur guy in his bathroom,
baring his bits for the camera.

naked amateur guy attending to his ablutions



Our number three spot today is being fully filled by a trio of likely lads
engaging in a sacred and secretive straight guy ritual.

amateur straight guy trio doing secret stuff



Our manly man of the day is amateur straight guy Brian, performing in a solo strip’n’stroke session for Active Duty (although most of his performances for that website have been much more hardcore in nature)!

amateur straight guy Brian proudly showing his dick

amateur straight guy Brian looking lustfully laid back

naked straight guy Brian bares his buttocks on the bed

naked straight guy Brian's boner

amateur straight guy Brian handling his hard-on

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Revealing, Rear and Ripped !

Thursday 30 October 2014 @ 3:10 pm


Our featured photos today include a pleasing position, a crackful curve
and a fresh footballer !



We’re off to a sporting start today with a wrestler and his very VPL !




Today’s next amateur straight guy photo has a distinctly military flavour.




Nextly today, we have an amateur guy revealing all of his favourite body bits.




Pervy Cameraman from Sneaky Peek is still glued to his changing room spyhole and has caught yet another hot amateur straight guy returning from the showers.






Click here for more amateur guys caught on hidden camera by Sneaky Peek


SGP Extra

Here’s a hot performer, Jastin Toun, whom I recently added to the line-up at
Best Guys On Cam




Planter, Player and Puller !

Wednesday 29 October 2014 @ 3:08 pm


Today’s photos include a garden guru, an awesome oarsman
and a stripped smiler !



Our first amateur straight guy today is giving us a demonstration
of how things grow !

amateur straight guy sharing the secrets of fertilisation



Nextly, we have yet another boat boy
(and again I’m not sure if we’ve done him before).

naked amateur guy showing off his oarsmanship



Here’s a naked amateur guy (whom I’m sure we haven’t done before!)
hiding his identity as he exposes his hairy underparts.

amateur straight guy showing off his  bare bed boner



Our amateur straight guy of the day today is Neal who was 21 years old and in the army back in 2008 when he was encouraged by Sean Cody to show his pretty private parts to the camera !

amateur straight guy Neal stripped naked

amateur straight guy Neal looking very relaxed

naked straight guy Neal reveals his rear

naked straight guy Neal shows off his stiff dick and big balls

amateur straight guy Neal sporting a stiffy

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