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Woody, Wash and Wanking !

Saturday 31 January 2015 @ 3:06 pm


Today’s photos include a keen cummer, a sexy soaper
and a helped hard-on !



The subject of our starting snapshot today is a wanker in the woods
and is another pic plucked from our friend JD’s
private privates collection.




Today’s classy couch character is clutching his cock for the camera.




There’s a touch of the exotic about our next naked straight guy who is ready
to rinse the soap suds of his well-washed willy.




Our remaining rude nude dude today is amateur straight guy Tyson, who’s enjoying a porn movie as he starts stroking himself and later allows Brendon from
to assist in bringing him to a shuddering climax.






Click here to follow Brendon’s addiction to straight men at Like-em-Straight


Swinging, Stiff and Spurt !

Friday 30 January 2015 @ 3:09 pm


Our featured photos today include a dipper’s dick, a furtive flash
and a master of masturbation !



Today’s number one naked straight guy has been photographed emerging from the ocean looking slightly chilled but without any sign of shrinkage !




Our next amateur straight guy has found himself a nice little nook
in which to flash for a foto.




Here’s a naked amateur guy showing off his hairy bed-bits.




Our amateur straight guy of the day is Ian , whom we see attending a porn audition at The Casting Room.

Ian is a footballer who very willingly complied with the director’s every request to show himself off to the camera and seemingly greatly enjoyed the opportunity
to jerk his juicy joint !






Click here to see nervous newbies cumming on cue at The Casting Room


Booted, Beached and Bedded !

Thursday 29 January 2015 @ 3:06 pm


Today’s photos include loose laces, a sexy sunbather
and a shapely shooter !



Our first amateur straight guy today is having a quiet puff
before he continues to get dressed.




Our next and naked amateur guy is assuming a defensive posture to prevent
shooting himself in the mouth when he resumes self-stimulating his stiffy.




I’m not sure how comfortable it can be for our next naked straight guy to maintain his pose for the camera with all that “coarse sand” beneath him !




Today’s main man is amateur straight guy Camden who made his way to the bed-like casting couch of Dirty Tony (in much the same way as he made his way to the casting couch of another well-known website a few months ago)!

As you’ll see below, Camden has developed the happy knack of being able to neatly deposit his stream of semen right up the midline of his torso.






Click here for more straight guys being corrupted by Dirty Tony


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