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Proud, Posed and Pulled !

Monday 30 November 2015 @ 3:13 pm


Our featured photos today include a VPL, a BOB and an SOL.



Today’s number one non-nude amateur straight guy photo is
a bathroom mirror self-pic of a graphic and engorging glans.




Nextly, we encounter a bushy boat boy
(whose pic may be a repost but is worth a second look)!




Threefully today is a naked amateur guy suffering for the sake of art in an uncomfortable position on an uncomfortable piece of garden furniture and yet still managing to smile for the camera.




Our amateur straight guy of the day is 27 year old soldier Sean who tends to spend his leave time playing soccer (except for the time he recently spent with
Active Duty
furrily flaunting his nicely naked body in front of the camera) !






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Fur, Fit and About to be Fellated !

Sunday 29 November 2015 @ 3:06 pm


Today’s photos include pits’n’bits,
a pleasing peek and a hungry helper !



Amateur straight guy number one today is furry fronted and on the rise.




I’m not sure if our next and naked amateur guy is wrapping, unwrapping or re-wrapping, but the contents certainly look tempting !




Threely today, we have a big boy walking along the rocks. (This guy looks slightly familiar – maybe he’s one of them there porn people perhaps ?)




Today’s helping hand (and mouth) is being extended by Brendon from
to amateur straight guy Jaden who would otherwise be found in pursuit of
Asian, Black and Latina ladies of the female persuasion.






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Damp, Dicks and Determined !

Saturday 28 November 2015 @ 3:07 pm


Our photo selection today includes wet willies,
a reflective redhead and a wild wank !



Today’s first amateur straight guy is participating either
in a wet t-shirt contest or a semi-nude dick-dangling competition !




The title for our next photo could only be ‘ginger snap’ (with apologies to those who don’t get the pun cos they don’t get ginger snaps in their part of the world)!




Our touch of hairiness today is being provided by the following naked amateur guy
in the shower:




Today’s concluding cock belongs to amateur straight guy Caesar, who was so eager to show his stuff (as it were), that he had his hands down his pants even before the Straight Fraternity camera started rolling.






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