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Stir, Spread and Slurp !

Sunday 31 January 2016 @ 3:03 pm


Today’s photos include a cook in the kitchen,
a guy with his game and a tasty treat !



Amateur straight guy number one is seen here stirring something spicy on a sunny day .




Nextly, we catch a naked straight guy playing with his thing.




Threely today, from our department of slightly more mature men, we have a nude dude showing his stuff.




Our amateur straight guy of the day is 18 year old big boy Chewy, who chose a solo strip’n’stroke session for SpunkWorthy as a good way to help fund a proposed road trip (as well as a good way to gain notoriety)!






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Stiffy, Selfie and Slammer !

Saturday 30 January 2016 @ 3:06 pm


Our selection of photos today includes sly stroking,
a ready redhead and in-depth inspections !



Number one in our penile parade today is a pleasingly constructed
nude dude stroking himself as he surveys the scene nearby.




2 = the joys of genuine gingerism !




Nextly, we explore the fun of a furrily fronted guy’s sexy selfie.




Our sponsor’s section today introduces a newish site
Strip Search Hell
which features cocky convicts being made to suffer humiliating punishments
from those in charge.






Go inside real jails to see systematic punishment at Strip Search Hell


Snack, Sandy and Stroking !

Friday 29 January 2016 @ 3:05 pm


Today’s photos include a testicular treat,
a thick dick and fun with a finger !



Our first amateur straight guy today is baring a bit of ball
as he prepares his picnic.




Speaking of balls, here’s a thickly dicked, nipple tweaking ball of furry fun.




I think our next naked straight guy is lying outstreched on the sand
in the hope that the tide will soon come in to tickle his pickle.




Our amateur straight guy of the day is 26 year old Seamus, a former soldier and current strip, stroke and poke artiste doing his stuff for Straight Fraternity.






Click here for more brothers and their boners from Straight Fraternity


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