Balcony, Bulge and Brave Boys !

Today’s photos include a guy caught naked on his balcony, a horny guy beginning to bulge with his girlfriend and two cute amateur guys earning extra dollars by posing for the camera!


I really like today’s first photo!

Whatever the reality of the situation was at the time, this shot conveys the feeling that this guy has been very much caught by surprise.

His facial expression – being more puzzlement than alarm – would indicate that the photographer may well have been an admiring girlfriend (or even an envious – or lustful – buddy)!

Technically, you’ll also note the photographer’s mastery of exposure!!

amateur straight guy nude on balcony


Today’s next (straight porn) photo shows the beginning of a very promising bulge in this good looking straight guy’s pants!

straight guy with bulge in pants


Our final two photos today are courtesy of Straight Boys Jerk Off .

Both pics are from the beginning of the photoshoot/video and show (amongst other interesting bits & pieces!)a gradual transition from trepidation in the first photo to naked awkwardness (awkward nakedness?) in the second.

If you’d like to check out these free photos , you’ll see that the inhibitions of these two amateur straight guys are rapidly cast aside as the photoshoot progresses!

amateur straight guys on sofa watching porn

w naked straight guys watching porn together



I assume that most visitors to this blog have more than a passing interest in straight guys!

So too does the author of a relatively new blog I came across (so to speak!) which has a fresh and funny approach to straight guys and their behaviour.

Lampoon Straight Guys not only has great non-nude photos of some very sexy guys and their girls but also features the author’s own lighthearted captions which always manage to give me a good laugh!

(I was going to say that the captions always tickle my funny bone but thought that this may be misinterpreted!)

In any case if you are looking for some serious bone-tickling (?) check out:
Lampoon Straight Guys !


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