Marine, Manly, Married and Massaged !

Today’s photos include a bedroom boner, a dick out of uniform, a wet and dry island guy and an unlucky massage customer!


We have a new private bedroom pic to start with today and an amateur guy who looks like he might spend a  lot of time ‘performing’ in front of his computer!

naked straight guy showing off his boner in his bedroom

(..and before anyone says anything – yes, I did notice the floral cover on the bed but I’m assuming that it belongs to the purring pussy and not to the bare butch boner bearer!)


A masculine Marine is always welcome here – especially if when there’s a dangling donger on display!

amateur straight guy Marine with his manly dick hanging out of his pants


Next we move on to a serious series of pics featuring a naked straight guy called Charlie.

Charlie is 30 years old, married with 2 kids and is from Arkansas where he worked as a welder.  He has just moved to ‘the Island’ and is currently looking for work of a more permanent kind than this photoshoot  (where he got paid for doing something he really enjoys – being naked and showing off)!!

amateur straight guy Charlie showing in the shower

rear view of naked straight guy Charlie in the shower

amateur straight guy Charlie standing fully nude

naked straight guy Charlie showing his dick

naked straight guy Charlie twisting his nipples and boning his boner

Charlie’s temporary employment was provided by
Island Studs


Our final 2 (CFNM) pics today tell (part of) the story of a straight guy who made the foolish mistake of asking for a happy ending in a massage clinic where such treats were definitely not on the menu (in contrast to most of the massage establishments we’ve visited on SGP)!

Rather than  ejaculating ejecting him from the premises, the girls at the clinic decide to punish him for his improper request by providing him with an ending which was decidely unhappy !

naked straight guy getting his diddle fiddled with by 3 clothed women

naked straight guy being sexually humiliated by three clothed females

These additional free photos cover more of this young man’s uncovering and punishment!


2 Responses to 'Marine, Manly, Married and Massaged !'

  1. casey - July 6th, 2010 at 9:37 am

    the Marine is HOT!

    and the comments are off for yesterday’s pics, but the retro shot is HOT too, and I like the Hillman Minx convertible too (i think that’s what it is). the second photo yesterday: I see MY dinner and it’s not on the plate!

    and hey Randolph. I guess it’s your winter now, but high summer here. almost 100 today. i’m melting! i don’t have AC!

  2. Randolph - July 6th, 2010 at 11:19 am

    Hi casey – thanks for your assorted HOT comments and sorry about the comments being off on any previous posts – the settings seem to have changed when I did the latest WordPress upgrade – back to normal again now though. (I wondered why I wasn’t getting my usual dose of daily comment spam!)

    Yes it certainly is winter here now and quite chilly. I just did a quick conversion and discovered that 100 of your degrees is approx equal to 38 of our degrees – definitely not good without AC !!!

    Speaking about the car brought back childhood memories for me (the first childhood – not my current 2nd one!) – I had a Matchbox model car which was also a Hillman (Imp I think) – I can still picture it quite clearly.

    Thanks (as always) for your comment !!

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