Pool, Pointing and Posing !

Today’s photos include an amateur straight guy in speedos at the pool, another guy at the pool minus his speedos, a naked guy becoming erect when kissing his girlfriend and a classic vintage physique photo of a guy posing in a jock strap!


Our first photo today looks decidedly posed but the amateur straight guy subject looks ‘nicely natural’ nonetheless!

naked straight guy drying off by the pool


Our next poolside picĀ  falls into the category of “quickly get a photo of the speedo bulge while he’s not looking”!

In this case its the neck stretch that allows the photographer to get his candid capture!

amateur straight guy in speedos stretching before competition


Straight porn pic time now and a very interesting looking naked straight guy giving us a nice view of what’s between his legs.

I’m not sure that I like the ‘pubic hair stuck on the chin’ look though!)

naked straight guy gets boner kissing girlfriend


Here’s a classic vintage physique shot in which the model has swapped the conventional posing strap for a jock strap (which he fills very nicely)!

vintage jockstrap posing photo


Lastly today, this is amateur straight guy Jasper from Next Door Male.

Jasper is a 21 year old college guy (who is majoring in the ruggedly exciting discipline of mechanical engineering)!

His favourite sexual experience involved him, a close mate and 2 girls in a night-time, beer fuelled beachside frolic. Reminiscing about that night always gets Jasper (and anyone with whom he shares the story) very ‘worked up’!

In Jasper’s photoshoot and video he shows us exactly what he does when he’s worked up when he’s at home alone!

amateur straight guy Jasper


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