Rower, Rubber, Rugger and Risen!

Bulging trackie pants, rowers bulging, a lockerroom shower and amateur strippers comprise the subjects for today’s photos.


The amateur straight guy in our first private photo today is certainly enjoying his five minutes of fame (and why not – it’s an impressive looking bulge in his trackie pants)!

I don’t know if it’s my imagination or not but his hands seem somewhat on the large size as well!

photo of amateur straight guy with big bulge


Our next photograph shows two medal winning rowers who seem to be a little bored with waiting around after their win!

Our two subjects are obviously part of a larger line up but the photographer’s selection of these two guys is a very good choice – the guy on the left (yes – the one with the very clearly defined package!) has his hands behind his back while the guy on the right is holding his hands in a very strange way in front of his vital bits!)

This difference creates an interesting contrast between the two which counteracts the similarity of their equally disinterested demeanour.

rowing competitors with one guy showing bulge


A nice candid lockerroom shot next!

I guess there’s nothing much the photographer could do to eliminate the distracting arm and towel on the right of the photo – cropping that out would also crop out half of our hunky subject!

As always, rules of good composition have to get thrown out when it comes to candid photography!

naked amateur straight guy in the lockkerroom shower


The final photograph for today again comes from Gaydorado’s European nightclub stripping series.

This photo is intriguing because of the questions it raises in the viewers’ minds ( what’s that in his hand? – why is he wearing a condom? – why does he have that look on his face? etc etc etc)!

naked amateur straight guys in stripper contest



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An interesting video clip with Aussies in Speedos on SwimPixx (The start of this clip is real life footage with the rest being scripted. It’s all good to look at though!)

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One Response to 'Rower, Rubber, Rugger and Risen!'

  1. Juan Flores - January 2nd, 2008 at 8:10 pm

    The first photo of the erect guy in his grey trackie pants is a thing of beauty! I hope one day I find that in my face in person.

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