Serious, Stripped and Searched !

Today’s photos include a scowling wrestler and his bulge, a prisoner being strip searched and a naked Aussie beach boy!


Our hot, sweaty and bulging  Greco-Roman wrestler today is Tsimafei Dzeinichenka from Bulgaria – or should that be ‘Bulge-Area’?

(I promised myself I wouldn’t add that last bit,  however I just couldn’t help myself!!)

championship Greco-Roman wrestler showing his bulge

Today’s straight porn pics show a cute naked straight guy in the process of being strip searched and just about to be anally digitized by his female prison officer!

prisoner in underwear about to be strip searched by female officer

naked straight guy bending over ready for his female prison officer to stick her gloved finger up his bum during a strip search

Source:   Guys Get Fucked


Aussie amateur straight guy John is the star attraction of our remaining 3 photos today which have him posing in his natural environment – the beach.

Whilst I’m sure that the setting would be putting John at ease, he still doesn’t appear to be too comfortable about posing for the Teen Boy Models photographer.

(Perhaps he’s just worried about being sprung doing a nude photoshoot by one of his surfing mates!)

amateur straight guy John at the beach

rear view of naked straight guy John at the beach

Aussie naked straight guy John lying on the beach


P.S. Pic

naked straight guy bent over a chair showing his hairy bum



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2 Responses to 'Serious, Stripped and Searched !'

  1. casey - March 12th, 2009 at 12:25 am

    BulgeArea/Bulgaria. i almost choked on a mouthful of hot coffee when i read that. i’m SO glad you included it. very funny for first thing in the morning. : )

  2. Randolph - March 12th, 2009 at 10:36 am

    Thanks Casey – I knew it would elicit a few groans but I didn’t realise it was cause anyone to choke!!!

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