Nude Straight Guys at the Beach

Today’s photos have been submitted by ‘Margie’. Although Margie did not actually take any of these, she has confessed that she and her girlfriends really love taking nude photographs of their respective boyfriends – especially at the beach.

Margie also admitted to me that she also ‘gets off’ on the thought of other guys ‘checking out’ her boyfriend. I hope we get to see him soon!!


The guy in our first photo obviously loves the sun – hates tanlines – and is obviously not too keen on body hair! (In my opinion he’s one guy who actually suits the ‘totally bald down below’ look.)

photo of nude male at beach lying with legs spread


Here’s another hairless guy on whom I’d prefer to have seen at least a little pubic hair (just my personal opinion) – especially as he doesn’t really need to trim or shave for purposes of making anything look larger!! This is an excellent photograph nonetheless (with an impressive subject)!

photo of nude male at beach walking to the ocean.jpg


Ahh…..pubic hair (‘attractively’ trimmed)!!! Although our subject certainly doesn’t look
displeased with having his photo taken, he has an almost bemused look on his face – making it difficult to tell whether the photographer was a girfriend, a buddy or a
complete stranger!

photo of nude male emerging from the ocean


The subject in our final photo is obviously not averse to having his photograph taken either! The unusual ‘pose’ looks very much like a ‘showing off to my buddies’ photo.
At least you can’t say that this photograpraph lacks personality!

photo of nude male showing himself to the camera

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