Swimming, Screentest and Stroking !

Today’s photos include a souvenir swimming pool snapshot, an amateur guy auditioning for a porn role and a straight guy getting his dick massaged!


Our first photo today has a very tasty South American flavour and features a group of amateur straight guys showing off their torsos for the camera!

group of amateur straight guys showing off at the swimming pool


Today’s featured naked straight guy is Chris who is 23 years old and is looking for his big break into the porn business.

Chris is put through his paces (and his poses) in this  screen test for First Auditions and he certainly appears to have the confidence (and the cock!) for his chosen career.

You can check out more of Chris’s audition  (including his compulsory cum shot)  in these additional free photos !

amateur straight guy Chris at his pre-audition interview

amateur straight guy Chris posing naked on the desk

naked straight guy Chris warms up for his audition with some porn

naked straight guy Chris being auditioned for his jerking skills


Our straight porn pics today have left me a little confused.

According to the theme of the originating website, this straight guy is getting a handjob from his girlfriend yet at the beginning of the scene (and you can check out the link below to see for yourself) he seems to be signing up for some sort of clinical treatment (or is it the girlfriend that starts off as the patient but then ends up giving the boyfriend the treatment?)

Whatever the case, that treatment appears to consist of a happy ending –  but one without any beginning of which it can be the end (if you see what I mean)!

I think that a nice scenario (which just popped into my mind and which might explain things) is that the girlfriend works in a legitimate clinic.  The boyfriend is feeling very horny and is in urgent need of orgasmic relief and fronts up (so to speak) at the clinic to see his girlfriend who then smuggles him in as a patient and  lovingly gives him the quick tug that he so desperately needs!

(My mind hasn’t, as yet, quite worked out  how I managed to be there  to see all the action, though!)

straight guy getting fondled through his jeans by his girlfriend

straight guy gets his dick pulled by his girlfriend

Source:   Girlfriend Handjobs


P.S. Pic

military washroom


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