Torso, Tall, Tugged and Treated !

Our photos today include athletic athletes, a naked nude guy, a sexy sliming and a raging reflection !


Today’s first non-sexual (but still sexy) snap highlights the trim torsos of a couple of shirtless athletes spotted in the crowd by a keen sports photographer!

shirtless amateur athletes showing off their toned torsos


Our man of the moment today is amateur straight guy Phillip who, on the occasion of his 21st birthday, allegedly decided that it was about time to get his first ever handjob from another guy (an event which he apparently felt compelled to share with the entire population of the internets)!

amateur straight guy Phillip standing fully nude facing the camera

amateur straight guy Phillip getting his first feel of another guy feeling him

amateur straight guy Phillip naked on the bed and responding stiffly to the touch of another guy

naked straight guy Phillip lying on the bed and showing off his boner

naked straight guy Phillip allowing another guy to give him a two-handed fondling

Phillip’s handjob and our photos of it were thoughtfully provided by


Next, from the department of Need Nuru Now, we pay a return visit to the slimy session being enjoyed by client Jenner whom we last saw being soapily scrubbed in preparation for the main event.

Today we see Jenner’s masseuse Beti firstly applying the nuru to the back of Jenner’s body and then just on the verge of applying her mouth to Jenner’s stiff, slimy sausage !

naked straight guy Jenner being nuru-ised by his masseuse

slimy naked straight guy Jenner is about to be gobbled by his masseuse

It will come as no surprise to you that our 2 slippery pics today are courtesy of
Nuru-Massage !


I think that a bathroom mirror self-pic is a nice way for us to  cum conclude today and this particular photo has much to commend it !

amateur guy's bathroom mirror self-pic


2 Responses to 'Torso, Tall, Tugged and Treated !'

  1. James@buy online - November 10th, 2010 at 12:20 pm

    In order to attract a decent mate, is it more important for straight or gay guys to be attractive?

  2. Randolph - November 10th, 2010 at 12:32 pm

    Hi James@,

    It depends on your definition of ‘decent’, ‘mate’, ‘straight’, ‘gay’ and ‘attractive’ !

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