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Cocky, Cracked and Cumming !

Thursday 20 August 2015 @ 3:12 pm


Today’s photos include a smoker’s stiffy,
hairy hardness and a randy recruit !



Our first amateur straight guy today has positioned himself perfectly
for this discreet dick pic !




Nextly, we have a nice ‘between the legs’ shot
of a ballsy naked surfer on his board.




Here’s some hairy hardness for fans thereof !




Our amateur straight guy of the day is randy recruit Jeremy Diesel,
a hot’n’hard’n’horny hunk from
Active Duty.






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Hatted, Happy and Hard !

Friday 31 July 2015 @ 3:10 pm


Today’s photos include a solid stiffy, a soapy sole
and a spray of semen !



Our first foto features a furry fellow fashionably hatted and handling his hard-on.




Today’s next amateur straight guy is smilingly socked and spreading his legs as he bares his bushy bits on the edge of his beautifully bedspreaded bed.




Here’s a candidly captured crack belonging to a naked straight guy
caught cleaning the filth from his feet.




Our rude remainder today is being provided by Gary, a 27 year old beefy boy whose sporting credentials include football, wrestling and powerlifting.

This was not only amateur straight guy Gary’s first time stripping and stroking in front of the camera, but also his first time ‘doing the business’ in front of another guy.

His trepidation was rapidly assuaged, however, by gentle Jason from






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Sporty, Soaped and Spurting !

Monday 29 June 2015 @ 3:09 pm


Our featured photos today include a cool kicker,
a sexy selfie and a turgid try-out !



Our first fantastic footballer is giving us a glimpse of his goodies !




Nextly today, we find a hotel bathroom serving as the setting for some self-snapping.




Our next nude dude is assuming a studly stance
as he gives himself a full body shampoo.




Our man of the moment today is Georgi, a former professional footballer who still maintains a rigorous schedule of exercise to keep himself in the peak of condition.

During his audition for a porn role, Georgi had to subject himself to an unexpectedly intense and intimate anatomical and physiological inspection from the director at
The Casting Room,
which took him well outside of his comfort zone (but still didn’t stop him spurting on demand) !






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