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Tough, Tanning and Tugging !

Sunday 29 January 2012 @ 4:08 pm

Today’s photos include stuffed speedos, a beer boner and a weighty willy !




Our first foto today features a sexy South American with a nicely packed pair of
speedo substitutes !

amateur straight guy with an excellent bulge in his speedos




Our second spot today is being very nicely filled by a naked amateur straight guy relaxing erectfully in the sun with a beer in one hand and a smoke in the other!

amateur straight guy gets a boner while nude sunbathing




Next today, we find another naked straight guy and his lady at the seaside – this pair bucking the trend by daring to be both bare and bushy !

naked straight guy and his lady at the seaside




Today’s final set of pics has been plucked from the 2009 archives of Sean Cody and focusses on the talents of amateur straight guy Wes.

Military guy Wes was referred by his brother (who had previously ‘modelled’ for SC himself ) and, although being quite relaxed about the photoshoot itself, became very serious indeed when it came down to getting himself off !

amateur straight guy Wes stripping off at the start of his photoshoot

amateur straight guy Wes lifting weights in the nude

naked straight guy Wes stroking his shaft

rear view of naked straight guy Wes

amateur straight guy Wes gets ready to blow a load


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Squat, Sea and Smile !

Saturday 28 January 2012 @ 4:10 pm

Our featured photos today include a flash for fun, bedroom bareness
and a happy hard-on !



Today’s first amateur straight guy has chosen a pleasant and tranquil location
for this furtive flashing foto !

amateur straight guy flashing his dick



Our next photo shows a naked amateur guy who certainly knows how to engage
his viewers !

naked straight guy showing off his cock and balls on the bed



It’s beach time again, and today we find a naked straight guy and his lady both looking with some trepidation at the ‘huge’ wave heading towards them !

naked straight guy and his lady getting ready to take the plunge



Today’s amateur straight guy of the day is Lance who is demonstrating his skills for Straight Fraternity (and from what I’ve heard, Lance also showed how to put the ‘shoot’ back into ‘photoshoot’)!

amateur straight guy Lance auditioning for Straight Fraternity

amateur straight guy Lance naked and erect

interesting rear view of naked straight guy Lance

naked straight guy Lance getting ready to lube up

amateur straight guy Lance seriously stroking his stiffy


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Tagged, Trio and Tugging !

Friday 27 January 2012 @ 4:07 pm

Today’s photos include a tidy todger, a boat boner and a horny helper !



Our first amateur straight guy photo today has a distinctly military flavour
(with a tasty tool, too) !

amateur straight guy showing his stuff (but not his face) !



Up next today is an amateur guy’s exposed dick as he relaxes on his pleasure craft !

amateur straight guy revealing his boat boner



Today’s next pic features a happy and horny naked straight guy enjoying a double dose of female company !

naked straight guy with plenty of female company



Our manly man of the moment today is characterful amateur straight guy Sledge whom we see getting nicely worked up over a porn mag for Like-em-Straight.

We also see our friend Brendon getting nicely worked up over Sledge
and (not unexpectedly) offering him a helping hand !

amateur straight guy Sledge getting horny over a porn mag

amateur straight guy Sledge pulls his dick out of his boxers

amateur straight guy Sledge starting to stroke his stiffy

amateur straight guy Sledge gives Brendon more access to his hot cock

Brendon settles down to give amateur straight guy Sledge a super stroking


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