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Visit, View and Valiant !

Sunday 26 February 2012 @ 4:07 pm

Our featured photos today include boys in a bedroom, a carefree couple
and a masturbating marine !



Today’s first two amateur straight guys are playfully paying a sexy
surprise bedroom visit !

amateur straight guys playing a prank



Next today, we have a new picturesque vacation souvenir snapshot of a sunga-clad amateur straight guy and his lucky lady !

vacation pic of amateur straight guy bulging his sunga



Our beach bloke today is a naked straight guy ready to have his own private picnic !

naked straight guy at the beach



Today’s dick of the day is attached to amateur straight guy Lane from SpunkWorthy !

Lane has put in many hours at the gym since he joined the Marines and has always had a (not-so-secret) yearning to become a porn star – hence today’s photoshoot.

On the subject of shooting, in addition to having the looks and the required technical skills to be a performer in porn, I’ve been told that Lane also has the ability to deliver a most impressive cumshot !

amateur straight guy Lane getting ready to reveal all

amateur straight guy Lane showing off his long straight dick

naked straight guy Lane in his favourite pulling position

naked straight guy Lane demonstratiing his dick handling skills

amateur straight guy Lane well on his way to a big cumshot


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Caught, Camper and Clothesless !

Saturday 25 February 2012 @ 4:13 pm

Today’s photos include dicks on display, fondled by females and a manful marine !



Our first foto today features an amateur straight guy who has drunkenly fallen asleep whilst attending to some ‘personal business’ on his bed (either that or he has been put into that position by the mystery photographer himself)!

amateur straight guy caught with his pants down



Next today, we have an amateur straight guy standing nudely at a beachside
camping spot !

naked straight guy camper at the beach



Today’s pics from Pure CFNM tell the tale of straight guy Trevor who started a snowball fight outside with three bypassing girls.  The ratio of 3 to 1 meant that our hero quickly got soaked through which resulted in the kindly girls taking him inside
to dry off.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), the girls forcibly stripped terrified Trevor and then decided that it was time to amuse themselves by playing with his dicky !

three girls forcibly strip straight guy Trevor

naked straight guy Trevor gets played with by his female companions

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Our amateur straight guy of the day today is Ollie from Island Studs.

Ollie is married with kids and is a Marine stationed at Oahu. He agreed to being photographed working naked around his own home (with his wife’s permission!) but was left to his own devices (with the camera left running) when it came time for his point & shoot scene !

shirtless amateur straight guy Ollie

rear view of naked straight guy Ollie

amateur straight guy Ollie shows his stuff

another rear view of naked straight guy Ollie and his low hangers

amateur straight guy Ollie getting hard


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Couch, Cam and Cocky !

Friday 24 February 2012 @ 4:08 pm

Our photo selection today includes a webcam willy, a beach boner and a horny hunk !



Today’s first sexy stroker is an amateur guy enjoying his five fingers of fame in front of his camera-carrying mate !

amateur straight guy jerking off in front of his buddy



Next today, we have an amateur straight guy baring his boner to his webcam audience.

naked straight guy showing his erection on webcam



Meanwhile, back at the beach, we find a naked straight guy seeking to impress the ladies with his buff bod and swelling stiffy !

naked straight guy pops a boner at the beach



Our man of the moment today is amateur straight guy Boston who, luckily for the team at Active Duty, loves to show off !

Boston not only puts on  a tastefully teaseful performance but also succeeds in making his strip’n’stroke session a memorably erotic experience !

shirtless amateur straight guy Boston

amateur straight guy Boston reveals his dick

naked straight guy Boston clutches his cock

naked straight guy Boston posing provocatively

amateur straight guy Boston stroking his boner


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