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Tugging, Teased and Trying-out !

Saturday 11 February 2012 @ 4:05 pm

Our selection of photos today includes a turgid todger, a wet willy
and an auspicious audition !



Our first foto today is of an amateur straight guy showing off his
generously proportioned genitals !

amateur straight guy holding his big boner



Today’s next amateur straight guy foto is for fans of the thickly dicked !

naked amateur straight guy with a thick dick



Number 3 on our list of pics today is a naked straight guy who has been plucked from the audience to assist a female striptease artiste with her performance.

It would seem that this heroic guy’s dick is performing nicely itself – undoubtedly due to the combination of being naked, getting a close-up view of lady parts and knowing that his mates in the audience are watching him !

naked straight guy getting very hard on stage with a naked lady



Next today, we meet amateur straight guy Patrick who has just turned 18 – meaning that he’s now legally able to pursue his ‘lifelong’ dream of becoming a porn star (although I’m not sure if he was really quite prepared for the First Auditions
casting director’s very intimate inspection)!

amateur straight guy Patrick's first ever audition for porn - Pic 1

amateur straight guy Patrick's first ever audition for porn - Pic 2

amateur straight guy Patrick's first ever audition for porn - Pic 3

amateur straight guy Patrick's first ever audition for porn - Pic 4

amateur straight guy Patrick's first ever audition for porn - Pic 5


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Colourful, Curious and Cocky !

Friday 10 February 2012 @ 4:11 pm

Today’s photos include poolside pleasure, a silky smooth scrotum
and a sexy skateboarder !



Our first foto today focusses on some poolside waterpoloists in assorted speedos.

water polo players speedos in assorted colours



Nextly today, we have a new and hairless naked straight guy from Gaydorado’s Russian nudist series and this one appears to be holding forth some kind of marine creature for our inspection.

naked straight guy emerging from the ocean



In contrast, our next amateur straight guy is happily hairy (with the exception of his clean-shaven and well lubricated genitals) !

amateur straight guy naked on his bed



Today’s main man is sexy amateur straight guy Tyler Haze who has found his way to Dirty Tony‘s casting couch.

Tyler loves ‘performing’ in public and (as you’ll see) also in front of the camera !

amateur straight guy Tyler with his pants down and his dick up

amateur straight guy Tyler on the floor and getting hard

naked straight guy Tyler kneeling on his bed with a hard-on

naked straight guy Tyler showing his bum

amateur straight guy Tyler holding up his big boner


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Merriment, Manly and Masturbate !

Thursday 9 February 2012 @ 4:04 pm

Our featured photos today include a man in a mirror, a carefree couple
and a studly stroker !



Photo number one today is of a group of lads enjoying some typical amateur straight guy fun as they play the pants-down-innie-and-outtie drinking game !

four amateur straight guys with their pants down during  drinking game



Today’s next photo is more reflective in mood, as a hot naked amateur guy indulges in some serious self-snapping !

naked straight guy's bathroom mirror self-pic



Something is definitely tickling the funny bone of today’s next bone tickling naked straight guy and his lady as they pose for this outdoor pic !

naked straight guy sharing a laugh with his naked ladyfriend



Bringing up the rear today is an anonymous amateur straight guy giving us his best strip’n’stroke routine as he prepares to cum for cash at Straight Boys Jerk Off !

amateur straight guy gets in the mood for his photoshoot by watching porn

amateur straight guy naked and stroking to porn

side view of naked straight guy stroking his stiffy

amateur straight guy jerking off

amateur straight guy getting ready to cum


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