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Revealed, Relaxing and Rubbed !

Monday 2 January 2012 @ 4:13 pm

Our photo selection today includes a dick on display, a horny hunk and stroked stiffy !


Today’s number one pic features an amateur straight guy rugby player caught (unintentionally or otherwise) with his dick out at a club function !

amateur straight guy caught with his dick out


Our next amateur straight guy today is relaxing nakedly in the sun and his photo is from Gaydorado’s Russian nude collection.

naked straight guy relaxing by the water


Next today, we have three views of 22 year old amateur straight guy Tyler Woolfe who is not at all averse to posing nude for the camera and is even more enthusiastic about performing with his assigned co-star, Kim, in this photoshoot & video for
Straight Guys for Gay Eyes !

amateur straight guy Tyler tenting his undies

co-star Kim reveals amateur straight guy Tyler's hairy bottom

naked straight guy Tyler gets hard for his co-star Kim

(seems that Tyler and Kim were both caught at a ‘facially inopportune’ moment
in that last pic !)


Our man of the moment today was also 22 years old when he received his first ever M2M erotic massage at Club Amateur USA.

This is amateur straight guy Lee Stephens who, it would seem, was particularly pleased with his rude rubdown (and who, from all accounts,  was also very satisfied with its climactic conclusion) !

amateur straight guy Lee naked and looking forward to his session

naked straight guy Lee spreading his legs on the massage table

naked straight guy Lee enjoys his special dick stroking

amateur straight guy Lee on his back and getting his dick pulled

amateur straight guy Lee being propelled towards orgasm


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Skate, Smoke and Stiff !

Sunday 1 January 2012 @ 4:00 pm

Today’s photos include boys in a bus, a skateboarding streaker
and a window washer’s willy !


Our first amateur straight guy photo today points out one of the dangers of falling asleep on a bus filled with your rugby mates !

amateur straight guys clowning around on the rugby club bus


I’m not sure what today’s next sexy skateboarding photo is all about, but the centre of attention is certainly of interest!

naked straight guy skateboarding in public


Today’s next amateur straight guy seems very happy to be showing off his shaved shaft and silky soft scrotum !

shirtless amateur straight guy showing his bits and pieces


Today’s main attraction is amateur straight guy Josh, a window washer who agreed to show his dick to the Broke Straight Boys cameras for the princely sum of $100 !

Realising that this was easy money, Josh was readily able to be talked into jerking off on camera (and eventually even to try some first time finger fun on himself) as the amount on offer was progressively increased!

amateur straight guy Josh flashing for cash

amateur straight guy Josh kneeling on his bed and stretching his stiffy

naked straight guy Josh on the bed wanking

naked straight guy Josh showing his bum

amateur straight guy Josh stroking his dick


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Behinds, Brazilian and Boners !

Saturday 31 December 2011 @ 4:05 pm

Our featured fotos today include a friendly foursome, soaked speedos
and a cocky corporal !


We’re starting today with an amateur straight guy line-up of four friendly fellows showing their tanlines and baring their bottoms for the camera !

four amateur straight guys all in a row


Today’s next amateur straight guy is a Brazilian lifeguard wearing his revealing regulation uniform !

Brazilian lifeguard bulging his speedos


Next today, we have a groovy looking naked straight guy stroking his stiffy as he watches some porn.

naked straight guy grasping his porn-induced boner


Our amateur straight guy of the day today is Corporal James Ryan whom we see taking a break from his rigorous S.E.A.L. training to do a quick strip’n’stroke
for the Naked Marine website.

shirtless amateur straight guy Ryan getting ready to strip off his pants

amateur straight guy Ryan with his pants down and his dick in his hand

naked straight guy Ryan kneeling as he wanks

naked straight guy Ryan kneeling and showing off his back and his bum

amateur straight guy Ryan getting ready to cum


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