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Friday 27 January 2012 @ 4:07 pm

Today’s photos include a tidy todger, a boat boner and a horny helper !



Our first amateur straight guy photo today has a distinctly military flavour
(with a tasty tool, too) !

amateur straight guy showing his stuff (but not his face) !



Up next today is an amateur guy’s exposed dick as he relaxes on his pleasure craft !

amateur straight guy revealing his boat boner



Today’s next pic features a happy and horny naked straight guy enjoying a double dose of female company !

naked straight guy with plenty of female company



Our manly man of the moment today is characterful amateur straight guy Sledge whom we see getting nicely worked up over a porn mag for Like-em-Straight.

We also see our friend Brendon getting nicely worked up over Sledge
and (not unexpectedly) offering him a helping hand !

amateur straight guy Sledge getting horny over a porn mag

amateur straight guy Sledge pulls his dick out of his boxers

amateur straight guy Sledge starting to stroke his stiffy

amateur straight guy Sledge gives Brendon more access to his hot cock

Brendon settles down to give amateur straight guy Sledge a super stroking


Click here to follow Brendon’s addiction to straight men at Like-em-Straight

Dicks, Dune and Determined !

Thursday 26 January 2012 @ 4:12 pm

Our photo selection today includes outdoor nude dudes, wanked by a woman
and cumming on cue !



Today’s first scenic snapshot is of a shirtless amateur straight guy enjoying a spot of stiffy squeezing for the camera !

amateur straight guy and his picturesque penis



Our number two spot today is being occupied by a naked amateur guy sunning himself on the sand.

naked straight guy in the sand dunes



In today’s instalment, we return to Trojan Motors where we find that smart businesswoman Laura has the new owner’s son, Yuris, well and truly (and not to mention literally) by the balls and is intent on showing him who’s really the boss!

straight guy Yuri stripped to his undies by his female boss

Laura aims to seduce naked straight guy Yuri

Laura wanks off naked straight guy Yuri

Thanks to Adventures in CFNM for the pics !



Lastly today, we meet amateur straight guy Dale ‘doing the deed’ as part of his audition for a role in porn.

Despite having been educated and prepared for a career in business and politics, Dale’s obsession with sex has pulled him more in the direction of adult entertainment (in fact he’s aiming to become the next big porn star) hence his tryout today for
First Auditions !

amateur straight guy Dale being interviewed at the start of his porn audition

amateur straight guy Dale getting measured by the casting director

naked straight guy Dale willingly assumes a variety of poses during his audition

naked straight guy Dale has shown his erectile prowess and is now on the verge of passing his ejaculation test


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Trophy, Trio and Touching !

Wednesday 25 January 2012 @ 4:12 pm

Today’s photos include capped contenders, shameless showering
and a handled hard-on !



Our number one photo today features two amateur straight guy aquaticians hoping to be recipients of one of the trophies lined up on the table behind them.

I’m sure that the shaved-down speedo-clad guy on our left will be a strong contender for the ‘best blue bulge of the day’ prize!

amateur straight guy looking good in his blue speedos



Today’s next amateur straight guy is enjoying a refreshing outdoor shower
(and enjoying the opportunity to flash his fleshy dick at the camera) !

amateur straight naked in his outdoor shower



Meanwhile, back at the beach, we come across two naked straight guys closing in on their naked female companion !

naked straight guys at the beach with their female friend



Our main man today is Jude, whom we find doing his thing
on the Dirty Tony casting couch !

Amateur straight guy Jude is a hot Latino who fronted up (as it were) for this strip’n’stroke photoshoot after only recently having broken up with his girlfriend – although he apparently managed to squeeze in a couple of ladies (again as it were!) between the break up and his casting couch appointment.

amateur straight guy JUde getting ready to strip and stroke on Dirty Tony's casting couch

amateur straight guy Jude fondling himself

naked straight guy Jude posing seductively on the bed

naked straight guy Jude on all fours

amateur straight guy Jude showing off his stiff dick


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