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Hairy, Hard and Helping !

Saturday 4 February 2012 @ 4:00 pm

Today’s photos include shapely shorts, a coastal couple and bribed broke boys !



In number one spot today, we have a fit and furry amateur guy parked on a bench !

furrily torsoed amateur straight guy in shorts on a park bench



We find today’s next penis pointing amateur straight guy posing pensively in his room !

amateur straight guy posing naked in his room



On the subject of pointing penises, here’s another one – this time belonging to a naked straight guy walking hand-in-hand with his girlfriend along the water’s edge, as captured at Hanlans Point in Canada by Coccozella contributor ‘Hockeypuck’.

naked straight guy and his girfriend at the beach



Today’s major meat is being provided by amateur straight guys Jeremy, Darren and Josh from Broke Straight Boys.

On this occasion, the three lads were each offered $150 to jerk off next to each other – an offer which was accepted with some enthusiasm!

As usual, an additional $$$$ amount was later offered for a little oral action and the somewhat sunburnt Darren (who has suspiciously developed quite a taste for cock) volunteered to service the other two guys.

The other two, however, turned into the other ‘one’ when Jeremy had second thoughts about being the recipient of another guy’s such intimate attention and picked up his clothes then (literally) fled.

(Darren and Josh went on to continue their fun and were duly paid for their efforts!)

amateur straight guys Jeremy, Darren and Josh at the start of their photoshoot

amateur straight guys Jeremy, Darren and Josh preparing themselves to jerk off next to each other

naked straight guys Jeremy, Darren and Josh get to know each other a little better

naked straight guys Jeremy, Darren and Josh watching porn as they wank together

amateur straight guys Jeremy, Darren and Josh checking each other out as they wank


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Showing, Shorts and Shaft !

Friday 3 February 2012 @ 4:10 pm

Our photo selection today includes a friendly flash, a fondled flatmate
and an oral offer !



Today’s first foto is of an amateur straight guy at home, showing us
his preferred way of wearing his undies !

amateur straight guy giving himself addtional support from his undies



Our next set of pics is from Pure CFNM and tells the tale of Danny – whose newly purchased shorts turn out to be a tad too small – much to the delight of his female flatmate and her friends, who take great pleasure in checking out his bulge!

One thing leads to another (so to speak) and before long, Danny is getting some
group grope and stroke action!

straight guy Danny get's his bulge fondled by his female friends

the girls unleash Danny's dick from his shorts to check out what it looks like

Danny's dick gets some serious fondling from his female flatmate and her friends

See more of the fun in these additional free pics !



Today’s magic military moment is courtesy of the Naked Marine Website.

You’ll recall that we first met Petty Officer Doyle a couple of weeks ago
(you can check here for an instant reminder).

In today’s photos, we find Petty Officer Doyle sharing with Private Aleco some on and off-duty stories of his seven years in the Navy,  before they both settle down to watch some straight porn.

Before long, Petty Officer Doyle has his throbber of a hard-on out of his pants ready for some serious self-stroking – much to the approving gaze of Private Aleco (which did not go unnoticed by Doyle)!

With Doyle’s non-verbal approval,  Aleco next engulfs Doyle’s stiff dick with his mouth and gets to work to help bring the Petty Officer to a shuddering climax!

Petty Officer Doyle and Private Aleco both get horny watching straight porn

Aleco looks on approvingly as Doyle starts stroking his dick

Aleco gives Doyle's dick a tentative stroke

Aleco prepares to give Doyle's dick a serious sucking

Aleco readies himself for Doyle's imminent explosive ejaculation


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Romantic, Ready and Rider !

Thursday 2 February 2012 @ 4:05 pm

Today’s photos include a clinging couple, bunk buddies and a turned-on traveller !



Our starting pic today is of a happy amateur straight guy in a sexy sunga, and his equally happy bikini-clad girlfriend having their souvenir snapshot
taken at a Brazilian beach !

amateur straight guy in speedos with his girlfriend at the beach



Next today, we have a couple of a totally different kind as we meet two naked straight guys demonstrating their readiness for action !

two amateur straight guy bunk buddies showing their weapons



naked straight guy's self-pic snapshot



Our amateur straight guy performance of the day is being given by Ryan Wild,
a Next Door Male newcomer, whom we see in the great outdoors getting himself very worked up over his ATV !

amateur straight guy relaxing on his ATV

amateur straight guy Ryan showing off his raging hard-on

amateur straight guy Ryan showing how much he loves his ATV

naked straight guy Ryan making love to his ATV

naked straight guy Ryan getting all hot and horny in the great outdoors


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