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Boner, Bedroom and Brit !

Friday 17 February 2012 @ 4:09 pm

Today’s photos include a guy with girth, a straight guy stripped and a tasty teaser !



Our first amateur straight guy today is proudly showing off his manly attributes
to the camera !

amateur straight guy pulls out his erect dick for the camera



Next today, we return to nature where we marvel at the luxuriant growth on display in this outdoor scene !

thickly dicked naked straight guy outdoors



Meanwhile, back in the bedroom, we find amateur straight guy Giovanni Francesco – a sportswear catalogue model who has been given a pretty playmate with whom to publicly demonstrate his private sexual skills (and whose job it is to ensure that Giovanni’s good bits are kept in full view of the camera lens for the visual enjoyment of the viewing audience)!

amateur straight guy Giovanni gets undressed by his female co-star

naked straight guy Giovanni posing with an erection for a publicity shot

Giovanni and his goodies are courtesy of
Straight Guys for Gay Eyes !



Lastly today, we have a set of teaser pics of 18 year old English amateur straight guy Stewart Hammond.

Stewart has stripped for a nude photoshoot on a previous occasion and enjoyed the experience so much that he jumped at this opportunity from English Lads to drop his dacks again and even when told that this would be a stroke’n’shoot shoot, he didn’t flinch (I think he saved his flinching for the shooting shot) !

English amateur straightg guy  Stewart Hammond - Teaser Pic 1

English amateur straightg guy  Stewart Hammond - Teaser Pic 2

English naked straight guy  Stewart Hammond - Teaser Pic 3

English amateur straight guy  Stewart Hammond - Teaser Pic 4

English amateur straight guy  Stewart Hammond - Teaser Pic 5


Click here to get to all the guys’ goodies at English Lads !

Hijinks, Hatted and Hard !

Thursday 16 February 2012 @ 4:07 pm

Our photo selection today includes a mirror man, a coastal couple
and an adventurous amateur !



Position number one is occupied today by a trio of amateur straight guys doing their own unique version of the ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’ monkeys !

threee amateur straight guys clowning around for the camera



Today’s next amateur straight guy is an interesting looking bloke who has self-snapped himself with a handful of hard-on (….. well, actually he self-snapped himself with his camera, but you know what I mean) !

amateur straight self-snaps his stiff dick



Our tasteful nudist couple pic today features a naked straight guy with a rather
nice looking snorkel !

naked straight guy preparing to dangle his dick in the water



Amateur straight guy Constantine is our pictorial pick of the day, pictured here with bait guy Lee from Bait Buddies who appears not to have had to work too hard to convince Constantine to perform without his promised female co-star !

amateur straight guy Constantine getting ready to perform with Lee

amateur straight guy Constantine stripped to his undies

naked straight guy Constantine showing his boner

naked straight guy Constantine giving bait guy Lee a close-up view of his hard-on

amateur straight guy Constantine jerking off next to Lee

For more free pics of this duo and to see how far Constantine was prepared to go
(hint: ‘all the way’),

check out these additional free fotos !


Shirt, Shaft and Shooters !

Wednesday 15 February 2012 @ 4:02 pm

Today’s photos include a trim torso, a held hard-onĀ  and competitive cummers !



Our first amateur straight guy pic today is another excellent sports photo which captures the very essence of the athletic ideal !

amateur straight guy with a great sports bulge



Today’s next slice of fit and furry amateur guy hunkiness is seen here shedding his shirt for the camera !

amateur guy taking off his uniform shirt



Next today, we have some real life CFNM action with a naked straight guy allowing his female friend to fondle his firmness !

naked straight guy gets his dick tickled in the back yard



With apologies for using even more ‘f’ words, we finish feverishly today with a fit foursome of amateur straight guys (Trevor and Paulo with brothers Logan and Wes) competing in a jerk-off contest for Sean Cody.

The aim of the exercise is to see which of the lined-up lads can shoot furthest following some intensive stroking to straight porn.

All of the boys had been ‘saving up’ for the occasion and each of them was eager to outshoot the others in order to claim a cash prize !

amateur straight guys Trevor, Paulo, Logan and Wes at the starting line

amateur straight guy foursome warming up for the main event

naked straight guy foursome caught from the rear

close up of the naked straight guys hard at work

naked straight guys Trevor, Paulo, Logan & Wes getting close to the finishing line


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