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Show-off, Showerer and Sharp !

Tuesday 26 August 2014 @ 3:05 pm


Today’s photos include a wet willy, a bare bum and a  stripped serviceman !



Our first amateur straight guy today is pausing to pose for a quick dick pic !

amateur straight guy  showing his dick



Nextly today, we have a naked straight guy allowing us to check him out in the shower.

naked straight guy shows off in the shower



Here’s a hottie with cold feet, lying on his bed.

amateur guy making love to his bed



Today’s amateur straight guy of the day is another favourite from Active Duty, Conner, going from fully clad to totally bad !

amateur straight guy Conner in full uniform

amateur straight guy  Conner gets his dick out

naked straight guy Conner shows his clenched buttocks

naked straight guy Conner showing his dick

amateur straight guy Conner displaying his big boner

Click here to see sexy servicemen spill their seed at Active Duty


SGP Extra

Here’s another hot performer, Nate Phillips, whom I recently added to the line-up at
Best Guys On Cam




Boxer, Bed and Boner !

Tuesday 19 November 2013 @ 3:11 pm


Today’s photos include fun on the floor, a boner on the bed and a man in the mirror !



Our first amateur straight guy photo today shows a boxer bulging at his weigh-in.

boxer bulging his undies



In number two position, we find a naked straight guy caught on the floor
with his hand in the toybox (if you’ll pardon the expression)!

redheaded amateur straight guy playing on the floor



Today’s next amateur straight guy is posing on his bed with his bushily framed boner.

naked amateur guy getting horny on the bed



Our main attraction today is Kevin Prince, a firefighter from Quebec City.

Although Kevin has previously performed in straight porn, this is his first solo scene – and his first time performing for a ‘gay’ site (Men of Montreal).

Kevin didn’t need much ‘inspiration’ for his strip’n’stroke session – a nearby mirror turned out to be all he needed to put on a very enthusistic show !

straight guy Kevin at the start of his photoshoot

naked straight guy Kevin showing his shapely bum

straight guy Kevin baring his boner

naked straight guy Kevin gets ready to attack

straight guy Kevin gets excited by his reflection

See more of Kevin’s cock in these additional free fotos !




Here’s a hot pic I recently ‘borrowed’ from regular commentator Justin’s blog,
Edge of Reality !



Manly Military Might !

Sunday 17 November 2013 @ 3:07 pm


Today’s fun fotos from around the world all have a delightfully distinctive
military feel and flavour !



Firstly today, we have a jovial group of jokers representing the best of
British soldierliness.

British soldiers off duty and at play



Our next two amateur straight guy photos are of assorted Russian conscripts
asleep and awash !

Russian conscripts on their way to the showers

Russian conscript asleep on his bed



By popular demand, here are some more pics of U.S. Marines Robbie, Steve and Jackson at Joe’s barbecue and beer pong night, courtesy of
My Straight Buddy .

Joe's barbecue and beer pong night - Part 2 - Pic 1

Joe's barbecue and beer pong night - Part 2 - Pic 2

Joe's barbecue and beer pong night - Part 2 - Pic 3

Joe's barbecue and beer pong night - Part 2 - Pic 4

Joe's barbecue and beer pong night - Part 2 - Pic 5

Check out My Straight Buddy for more pics of naked Marines at play


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