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Hiker, Hairy and Hard !

Wednesday 11 February 2015 @ 3:06 pm


Our featured photos today include a quick quenching, dropped dacks
and a shooting shaft !



Amateur straight guy number one today is managing to keep a smile on his face
despite the discomfort of his stony seat.




Nextly, we venture into the woods where we find a thirsty hiker
rehydrating his dick.




Today’s third spot is being occupied by a hairy guy caught with his pants down, displaying his pits’n’bits !




Today’s dude of the day is Claud, whose first time naked in front of a camera got off to an apprehensive start but when the time came to cum, he put on an impressive performance at The Casting Room.






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Swinging, Stiff and Spurt !

Friday 30 January 2015 @ 3:09 pm


Our featured photos today include a dipper’s dick, a furtive flash
and a master of masturbation !



Today’s number one naked straight guy has been photographed emerging from the ocean looking slightly chilled but without any sign of shrinkage !




Our next amateur straight guy has found himself a nice little nook
in which to flash for a foto.




Here’s a naked amateur guy showing off his hairy bed-bits.




Our amateur straight guy of the day is Ian , whom we see attending a porn audition at The Casting Room.

Ian is a footballer who very willingly complied with the director’s every request to show himself off to the camera and seemingly greatly enjoyed the opportunity
to jerk his juicy joint !






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Snaps, Caps and Chaps !

Sunday 18 January 2015 @ 3:07 pm


Today’s photos include admirable abs, a sexy smile
and a stripped sportsman !



We start today with a shirtless amateur straight guy who has chosen a
butch background against which to show off his manly musculature.




Our next finely furred fellow today has been photographed
giving his turgid todger a treat !




Today’s next naked straight guy is smiling sexily at home
as he gets caught clotheslessly on camera.




Our remaining pics today are instantly recognizable as having come from the secret spycam of Pervy Cameraman from
Sneaky Peek.






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