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Fingers, Flexed and Flaunting !

Tuesday 31 July 2012 @ 3:08 pm

Today’s featured photos include bed bashfulness, downed denims
and a hunkful of hugeness !


Our number one spot today is being occupied by an amateur straight guy who apparently didn’t want to be photographed wearing only his speedo-substitutes !

amateur straight guy objecting to be photographed


Today’s next naked amateur guy is fit and furry but has decided to keep his
private parts private !

naked amateur guy on his bed flexing his biceps


There’s no hesitation at all about displaying his dick from our next amateur guy as we see him posing proudly for this pic!

shirtless amateur straight guy drops his dacks and displays his dick


Our man of the moment is hunky amateur straight guy Cliff who’s earning some strip’n’stroke cash from Broke Straight Boys.

Cliff is 21 year old and 6’4″ (193cm) tall and has a whopper of a cock (with other very pleasing attributes as well) !

amateur straight guy Cliff spreads his legs and strokes his stiffy

amateur straight guy Cliff displays his dick

rear view of naked straight guy Cliff standing up wanking

naked straight guy Cliff slowly stroking

amateur straight guy Cliff spreading and stroking

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Victorious, Vampish and Versatile !

Saturday 14 July 2012 @ 2:02 pm


Our selection of photos today includes a fashionable footballer, hard-earned handjobs
and an Island idol !



Our first amateur straight guy photo today features a magic moment of celebration for a semi-stripped sportsman !

amateur straight guy soccer player showing his underwear



Today’s next amateur straight guy has been caught on the couch with his cock out !!

amateur straight guy showing off his stiff dick



It’s time now to pay another visit to CFNM USA where we find 2 horny guys getting together with 2 horny girls for a game of strip-poker. The girls make sure that the guys ‘lose’ but help to compensate them for their loss by providing them with¬† hot handjobs !

naked straight guys losing their game of strip poker

naked straight guys get some personal attention from the winning women

You can see how these two naked straight guys enjoy their handjobs (and enjoy checking each other out!) in these additional free pics.



Our finishing fotos today reunite us with the bodily beauty of amateur straight guy Darren who is back for a second photoshoot for Island Studs.

Darren brought his college buddy Kaleo to watch the proceedings but with some persuasion, Kaleo stripped off and joined Darren for a (fully photographed!) game of nude football on the beach.

amateur straight guy Darren with his surfboard

amateur straight guys Darren and Kaleo naked together for the first time

rear view of naked straight guy Kaleo at the beach

rear view of naked straight guy Darren

amateur straight guy Darren with his ball at the beach

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Tight, Turgid and Tatts !

Friday 13 July 2012 @ 4:14 pm

Today’s photos include a blue bulge, bearded bareness and a taut torso !


Our starting photo today shows off the attributes of two blue amateur straight guys getting ready for the river !

amateur straight guy rower bulging in blue


Amateur straight guy number two is also blue and is happily holding up his
respectfully erectful dick for our inspection !

amateur straight guy caught with his dick out


Today’s next and naked straight guy has picked out a spectacularly scenic spot to strip and enjoy the fresh air !

naked straight guy stripped and enjoying the great outdoors


Our inkily inscribed amateur straight guy of the day is Vance  from Active Duty.

Vance is a masculine 19 year old military guy who likes cars, fishing and hunting, and considers himself tough … but willing to experiment !

shirtless amateur straight guy Vance gets ready to unleash his big dick

amateur straight guy Vance showing  off his dangling dick

naked straight guy Vance and his boner

nice shot of naked straight guy Vance's buttocks, boner and balls

amateur straight guy Vance showing his pits'n'bits

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