Togged, Tempting and Turgid !

Monday 7 September 2015 @ 3:14 pm


Today’s photos include a beach bulge,
a bed boner and  a cummy climax !



Amateur straight guy number one today appears very neatly packaged
as he strolls along the sand.




Here’s a naked amateur guy looking seriously sultry as he sits stiffly
on the edge of his bed.




Our third photographic offering today features a nude dude in an extreme pits pose !




Our man of the moment is Tanner Valentino, a New Yorker in urgent need of cash,
and what better place to get some (of the aforementioned cash) than the
Broke Straight Boys
studio where he stripped and stroked his way to a pleasing pay packet !






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Pool, Peek and Privates !

Sunday 6 September 2015 @ 3:05 pm


Our featured photos today include poolside pleasure,
shapely shorts and a handy hard-on !



Our first amateur straight guy today has just had a quick dip in the cool pool
and is letting his saturated scrotum and dunked dick drip dry.




Here’s a military man almost out of uniform with the tip of his todger
just making an appearance.





Threely today, we find a teasing tugger flaunting his hairiness on his bed.




‘Tis time now for the next in our series of blokey builders unknowingly sharing their goodies with Pervy Cameraman’s secret spyhole camera, thanks to
Sneaky Peek.






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Tight, Turgid and Touching !

Saturday 5 September 2015 @ 3:07 pm


Today’s photos include jam-packed jeans,
a stiff guy smiling and a touched torso !



First up today, we have a tightly packed trucker
taking care of his tightly packed truck.




Our next and naked amateur guy is showing off his smiley face
(amongst other things) !




Today’s third spot is being filled by an authentic (i.e. not just for the camera)
nudist posing nudely for the camera.




Our amateur straight guy of the day is hot 30 year old Josh, whom we see at
Club Amateur USA
being comprehensively covered by Casey’s caring caresses.






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