Togs, Turgid and Toned !

Wednesday 3 February 2016 @ 3:04 pm


Today’s photos include a nice number,
a blow-up boner and a phine physique !



Amateur straight guy number one today is casting his gaze
towards the heavens as we cast our gaze towards the speedos !




Here’s a naked amateur guy who seems to have a fetish for things inflatable !




As I’m fond of saying, you can’t beat a bathroom boy’s boner !




Our amateur straight guy of the day is 22 year old Californian bodybuilder Wade who works as a personal trainer at a gym in Honolulu, where he was discovered
(and uncovered)
by Island Studs.

As you can see, Wade greatly enjoyed the opportunity to show off his muscles, his poses and his private parts (although they’re not exactly private any more)!






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Kinky Corner


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Balls, Blue and Brendonized !

Tuesday 2 February 2016 @ 3:09 pm


Today’s photos include a briefs bulge,
a serious stiffy and a tasty todger !



It’s no secret that I like things what are blue such as for instance
the VPL what is in this guy’s underduds !




Let’s now move from underduds to overdoodles with a fierce fellow
showing off his backyard boner.




Nextly today, we get a view through the vegetation.




Our finishing finale (as if there’s any other kind) finds married man Ajay making a return visit (having been seen here previously last March) to Brendon at Like-em-Straight, due to his overwhelming need for some urgent attention to be paid to his manly equipment.






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Stir, Spread and Slurp !

Sunday 31 January 2016 @ 3:03 pm


Today’s photos include a cook in the kitchen,
a guy with his game and a tasty treat !



Amateur straight guy number one is seen here stirring something spicy on a sunny day .




Nextly, we catch a naked straight guy playing with his thing.




Threely today, from our department of slightly more mature men, we have a nude dude showing his stuff.




Our amateur straight guy of the day is 18 year old big boy Chewy, who chose a solo strip’n’stroke session for SpunkWorthy as a good way to help fund a proposed road trip (as well as a good way to gain notoriety)!






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