Sporty, Stripped and Stroking !

Friday 17 October 2014 @ 3:45 pm


Today’s photos include tiny togs, mirror magic and a shapely shaft !



Here’s a triathletic treat for all the speedo-ologists out there !

athletic amateur guy in minimalistic speedos



Our next and nicely put-together amateur straight guy is seen here self-snapping in his bathroom mirror.

naked straight guy's mirror self pic



Today’s third spot is being filled by an amateur guy slowly peeling off his pants
to reveal his delightful dangly bits.

amateur guy sexily strips



Our thickly dicked amateur straight guy of the day is mild-mannered Jonathan who was eager to shed his conservative image by shedding his clothes at
The Casting Room
(and, in the process, surprising himself by the intensity of the overwhelming erotic feelings he experienced as his clothes came off and his dick went up)!

amateur straight guy Jonathan nervously considers the challenge ahead

amateur straight guy Jonathan quickly gets worked up

naked straight guy Jonathan bares all for the casting director

naked straight guy Jonathan starts to spurt

amateur straight guy Jonathan experiences a convulsive orgasm

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Fifteen, Fit and Fiery !

Thursday 16 October 2014 @ 3:00 pm


Our photo selection today includes a taut torso, a ready redhead
and a tropical treat !



We’re off to a good start today with a hot amateur straight guy
with a distinctive military flavour !



Here’s a happy picnicker who has shed his clothes for a photo
before he starts sucking on a camel.



Meanwhile, back indoors, we find a gingery guy posing for the camera.



Our amateur straight guy of the day is 19 year old Solomon from
Island Studs.

Solomon lives in Kauai and is half Hawaiian and half Mexican and enjoyed the opportunity to show off his big dick (of which he is justifiably very proud).

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Dripping, Daring and Dashing !

Wednesday 15 October 2014 @ 3:11 pm


Today’s photos include a dickful display,  poolside pleasure and a hard handful !



Amateur straight guy number one today has thoughtfully taken out his dick for an airing just in time for a friendly by-passing photographer to snap the standing stiffy.

amateur straight guy with his hard cock on display



Our next and naked straight guy is letting himself drip-dry after a dip in the ocean.

naked straight guy drip drying at the beach



Threely today, we find a naked amateur guy by the pool,  showing his shapeliness –
and his bum crack !

bare bum by the pool



Our main man today is amateur straight guy Conrad, a 20 year old Marine (and favourite performer at Active Duty) who, despite his angelic looks, has been known to
get down and dirty !

amateur straight guy Conrad in uniform

amateur straight guy Conrad dangling his doodle

naked straight guy Conrad starts to stiffen

naked straight guy Contrad standing at ease

amateur straight guy Conrad clutching his hot cock

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